Who gives a damn about me

A girl called for him but there was no answer. She tried and tried again until she said to herself nobody gives a damn about me.

A Louis Tomlinson fanfiction by Udolover


1. Chapter 1

Caitlins P.O.V 



The water went when I dove straight in giving doing my best to beat my recored for a lap of the pool which was 10 secondes. " Well done Caitlin, you beat your recored and your new one is 8.9 secondes." My couch said as I got out off the pool.


I was so happy with myself. I knew I could do it.


I took my swimming cap off reviling my long brown hair which matches with my brown eyes. You could say that I am short which I am but there is no need to make fun of me. I heared a wolf whistle from behind me.


I turned to see my best friend Niall staring at me.


I rolled my eyes and walked up to him.


"Sup, Blondie " I said "Nothing much short stuff." he replied with a small grin on his face.


" I see you have finished soccer practice early." he said " And i see you have finished swimming practice early."


Yes, you might think it is the other way around which it is but it is our way of saying things.


I turned around and walked to the changing room. Which smelt like chlorine because of the amount of girls that swim and don't bother to dry themselfs off. 


I opened my tog bag and took out my clothes. Then got dressed quickly because the one and only Niall needs to drop me off. 


I walked out off the room just to be starteled by Niall jumping out from behind the wall.


"Holy maceronie you scared me Niall" I scoled him " Just wanted to hear some swearing from that mouth of yours." he said holding his hands up like I am the police.


Well hears the funny thing my parents work for the secret service of the united states so they are never at home ,in Doncaster, with their only daughter.


I sigh and carry on walking . 


"Why the long face short stuff?" Niall askes as we get into the car. " It is just me missing my mom and dad thats all. It is really hard living on my own. My whole life I have wanted to live on my own but since my mom and dad are gone I wish I had never wished that." I replied starting to tear up.


" Well at least you have a cellphone to call them." he said. It is like he doesn"t understand I need someone in my life that is there to help me through things. " And you have your best friend which is me." he added on. I sighed with relif. I know he is not going to be in my life or long but it is good to know that I have someone I can trust.


We pull up at my house and get out of the car. Niall always comes to my house for supper because he does not have a great relationship with his family. So he prefers not to be around them to much. Which I completely understand.


" So what shall we eat for supper?" I asked Niall  " Lets oder Nandos." he said " But we ate Niall last week" I whined "Please Cat please please please." he begged " Ok fine." I said giving up on it.


I phoned the place and odered our food.


I put down the phone and walked to Niall who was sitting on my couch and eating chips.


"Niall we are going to eat in 10 minutes put the packet of chips down." I whined. He put down the half eaten packet of chips and looked at me. 


" So I talked to Tomlinson today..." He said. I immediatly sat down next to him and forced him to carry on. " And..." 


" And he said that he has seen you around but never talked to you before." he said " Oh ok" I said standing up a tiny bit upset upset. " Oww don't be upset." Niall said 


I looked up at Niall who was standing infront of me. Just then the doorbell rang. I took my wallet from the counter and walked to the door to open it.


The delivery guy stood there with our food and I took it from him and gave him the money. I closed the door and  walked to the living room. 


" Here is your food Niall." I said and placed it on his lap. " Thanks" he said.



1 hour later


Niall had just left and I went to take a shower and put on my PJs'. I sighed and brushed my teeth. I tied my hair in a sloppy bun and got under my covers



I forgot to take my pills. I fell out of bed hitting my head on the bed side table. 


"Ouch " I said getting off of the floor and rushing into my bathroom. I took one of the pills from the white container and put it at the back of my throat and swollowed it with some water.


I looked in the mirror and saw a blue mark on my forehead I touched it and flinched a little. 


I rolled my eyes at myself and got back into bed.








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