you'll Escape Trust Me

a group of friends went o the beach to hang out then all of a sudden people scream left and right and then disappear. find out what this act of screaming is in this book.


1. day at the beach

Why is it that all the action is in Hollywood?

it's not necessarily true. A story, not too long ago had appeared at the beach, it was surely an accident. Was it? no, not really. you see, a man named Trax has been wanting to be a man, so he started in the ocean. one day my friends Diamond and Kylee and I were having a friend day at the beach, it was a nice day 85-90 degrees outside, nothing could be in the way. oh but it had. it wasn't a tale, or  myth. infact no one had ever heard of such cruelty before today.

the waves roll perfectly the way they should, the sun tanned me the way it should. we hung out the way we should. then it happened. a storm quickly approached and the winds gasped out the trees and the skies were dark grey with extra rolls of thunder. then waves lifted high in the air looking like a whale reaching toward the beach. my friends and I ran away to my car to drive o somewhere safe, but the car wouldn't start neither would anyone else's. a man probably 75 feet high reached for the sky with metal armor and blond log hair. He roared like a bear through thousands of microphones and crushed everything he stepped on. but that's only one way he attacked. 


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