you'll Escape Trust Me

a group of friends went o the beach to hang out then all of a sudden people scream left and right and then disappear. find out what this act of screaming is in this book.


2. at the park

All of a sudden, I found myself at my elementary school's park. With everyone  who was at the beach.

even my mom and sisters were there. I told my friends and family to run o my house before anything else happened.

so we ran home barefooted with 2 pairs of the shoes we had on. half way home, I found my friend Lorrisa running toward my direction. Not knowing what she was running from or for. her boots echoed along the streets as she stomped away fastly up the steep hill. we all ran with her to wherever she was going. Then we found ourselves in my sisters van. Lorrisa was driving down the hill almost crashing very car. then we ran back up he hill again and found ourselves in a blue handicapped bus with many other busses blocking a way out. Then came the roaring man Trax again with his damaging feet walking around the block. I saw that many other people were crowded in this bus besides me. silent conversations whispered through the air as we stay quiet. As Trax marched about he was shouting song titles as the bus driver echoed them.

"um sir?" I asked

"yes?" he responded

"um, why is he listing song titles?"

"if he chooses your favorite fight song you try to escape him."


I felt worried for the next hour. 

if he calls my fight song should  take my friends to my house? gee, I'm almost across the street from it, maybe I should leave when he's gone.

"Guys, I have an idea." I whispered.

My family and friends huddled together to listen

"When he is further away 2 people leave to my house at a time. now, Jilian and Kirstyn you go first, then Diamond and Kylee, and Lorrisa and mom. I will go last."

"just leave when I tell you to.


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