The new girl


5. Visiting my cousins - Amy

I had no idea that the Joel i'd been talking to all through English was my cousin. He looks nothing like he did 6 years ago. There's barely any resemblance. How did i not see this coming. At least we get along and there's no awkward silences between us. He's kind of, almost, well i guess cute...ish. It's not a crush or anything. He's just a little asthetically pleasing that's all. 

Then Joel says,"do you want to sit down?

"yeah, please. I'd better just give this to your mum though" i reply

I walk over to his mum. For a moment i feel as if me and Joel are dating and I'm meeting his parents for the first time. I'm not his girlfriend though. I kind of wish I was though. No i don't he's my cousin, that'd be weird. That would never ever. 

"Here Andrea i brought you this bottle of wine as a sort of hello, sorry we haven't been in touch as well as a thank you for having us gift. The others will be here in 5-10 minutes they're running a little late so they sent me over to apologise"

"Thankyou Amy it's a pleasure. Can i get you anything? Like a drink, maybe?" she offers

"Oh no I'm fine thanks, really"

"oh ok. How's school? Did you make any new friends? It must have been hard starting at a new school knowing only two people"

"It was alright as far as school can go. I talked to a few people. I think I made a good friend with someone in English that i'm sat next to. Which i guess is good. I think I'll settle in fairly quickly as everyone seems really nice and welcoming or at least the people I've met today were"

I look at Joel and he's staring right at me probably because he knows I was talking about him. I just smile and look away then turn my attention to the conversation

"That's good. Call me if you need anything, alright?"

"Yes i will do, thank you"

I then awkwardly walk back to Joel. That was probably the strangest conversation I've had in well...a while. Let's just say that.

I sit down next to Joel and sigh but smile.

"You alright?" Joel asks me

"Yeah i think so" I reply 

Suddenly Kieren enters the room

"So you're the new girl" Kieren says whilst eyeing me up and down

"Nice catch Joel"

"what?" I say extremely confused

"It's Amy right, isn't it?"

"Yeah but what's with the nice catch thing?"

"Oh aren't you two dating"

"No gross, no offence"

"None taken, believe me"

"Kieren this is your cousin, Amy. Do you remember her?"

"Yeah but she didn't look a thing like this before"

"I think I've heard that one before"

Is it me or is Kieren just stupid, immature and obnoxious to the extreme? I can't believe Joel has to put up with him as an older brother. I can't believe I've got to put up with him as a cousin. The worst part is with all this time I'm going to spend with Joel some of that will involve Kieren, uugh! 


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