The new girl


6. The new girl/ My cousin - Kieren

This day is a little weird first of all there's a new girl and I know my little bro's totes in love with her. I mean his whole face lit up when she walked into school this morning. He makes it so obvious. How can she not notice? Or at least be polite enough not to say anything and just pretend you don't notice anything. If she was in my year and not my cousin i would defo date her but unfortunately given the circumstances that is just unacceptable. I'm trying to figure out whether she likes him or not but she's the hardest person to read so far. Maybe it's because i don't know her that well. That can't be it as i can easily read strangers. What is it? There's something about her that's special. It's like in twilight Edward can read everyone's mind except Bella's. Except i'm not deeply in love with Amy. This is the strangest feeling ever. 

Suddenly Amy says, "Joel wasn't there something you wanted to show me upstairs. Oh yeah that book recommendation thing"

"yeah that we can go now if you like" Joel answers


As if I actually believe that. Joel would never give book recommendations. He's dyslexic so he avoids books at all costs. This is super suspicious. Are they secretly dating? They'd make a lovely couple though but still he's my brother and she's my cousin i don't want either of them to get hurt. I need to think of something. I could just go to the loo as that's right next to Joel's room and sort of but not really eavesdrop. 

I slowly walk upstairs to hear some giggling. I realise it's Amy.

She's saying "No joel, stop, stop Joel"

What's happening in there? 

"oh Amy" Joel says

Are they having? NO! They can't be. That wouldn't happen, would it? They're probably just making out. EWW! They're cousins. This is so weird. I probably shouldn't have eavesdropped. 

I here a knock at the door. Then the front door swings open and Katy (Amy's younger sister) and her parents walk through the door.

"Is Amy here? We sent her along to apologise for us being late" Her Mum ,Paula, asks

"Yes she's here. Her and Joel went upstairs" Mum says

I was tempted to say and they're snogging each others faces off. Obviously i had to restrain myself until i had proper evidence.

I'm probably just jumping to conclusions though. They're cousins and Amy didn't seem that into Joel anyway even though i know Joel is completely and utterly in love with her.

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