The new girl


2. The new girl - Joel

I walk into school. It's a new school year, new classes, new everything. I see my boys and walk over. They all greet me in their own unique. Out of nowhere they just stop and stare at something. I have no idea what but i turn, WOW! I see the most beautiful girl ever. Her long, golden hair falls perfectly down on her shoulders and back. She begins to push her way through the crowd. Everyone's eyes turn to her for two reasons 1, she's the new girl and 2, she's so beautiful it hurts. I can't look away. My eyes won't allow such beauty to escape them. She walks down a staircase. My gaze follows her until she's well out of sight. Slowly i begin to turn around, still mesmorized. Owen says, "Wow, mate she's an absolute stunner there's no denying it"

"yeah she can have any guy in the school she wants. whoever that guy is he's one lucky guy. I bet she's taken" says Josh.

"she's obviously taken. There's no way that a beautiful girl like that doesn't have a boyfriend. It's not possible" I add.

The bell goes and i realise what i've got, English. I hate English. I can't do English. Anyway here goes. 

I walk into the classroom. I stand at the back with the rest of the class waiting to be seated. I look around to check if the new girl's in my class. Unfortunately she's not. That's another reason to hate English there's no decent people to talk to or beautiful people to gaze at. My teachers seats the entire class then finally seats me. 


I take off my bag and take out a pen and my planner then place my bag on the floor. I just stare at the desk waiting for the teacher to hand me a new book. I just know i'm going to hate English this year. Sudenly i hear the door open but i can't be bothered to look up as it's probably just a teacher. My attention turns to a fly that's buzzing around me. I hear people talking but i have no idea what they're saying. Someone sits down next to me and hands me a book.

"thanks" I mutter.

"excuse me but do you know what the date and title was i didn't catch what she said" she (i know it's a girl because of her voice) asks.

I turn around to face her and OMG i'm sat next to the new girl.

"'s...on the board" i reply awkwardly.

"oh right thanks, I'm Amy what's your name" she adds confidently.

"It's nothing and erm Joel"

"well it's nice to meet you Joel"


Later on in the lesson...

I'm so confused i have no idea what i'm supposed to be doing. What am i going to do. Suddenly i feel myself tapping Amy's arm.

"yeah are you ok?" she asks

"well i'm fine it's my brain that's not. I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing or how i'm supposed to do it" i reply.

She smiles at me. Her whole face lights up and she's even more beautiful than ever.

"we're writing a PEE chain to answer this question. you want to summarise Katy's feelings towards Jack in your point then look for a quote that shows you that, that's your evidence and finally explain why the quote shows you Katy's feelings towards Jack" she explains

"Ok repeat that again but simplify it please" i reply

"I'll just give an example alright. If your point was Katy has strong feelings of attraction towards Jack. Then you would find a quote that showed that. Finally your explanation would explain what the quote shows, what the key words in the quote are and what they suggest and how the quote makes the reader, you, feel. Refer to yourself as the reader though as it's what the teachers prefer. Does that help?" Amy informs.

"yeah a lot thanks. You make it seem so simple as opposed to the teachers who just confuse me"

"No problem but what did you mean by it's your brain that's not fine?" she asks

"Oh i'm dyslexic so yeah English isn't exactly my strong point and I'm just messed up in the head really. That's all" i explain

She smiles again.

"you make it sound as if it's some awful mental disease. It's seriously not." she says

"how would you know" i ask.

"I'm mildly dyslexic too. It's not that bad really i just struggle a little ok quite a bit with reading books for people our age. I have to either read children's books or dyslexia friendly books. It's awful so i just avoid books and reading as much as i can." she explains.

"Oh sorry. I'm glad i've found someone who knows where i'm coming from. There's so many people here that just don't get what it's like having dyslexia they just asume that i'm stupid and i hate that."

The bell goes so the class begins to pack up. Finally the teacher let's us go. Amy walks out the door and i try to catch up with her.

"Hey" i say

"oh hi Joel" she replies.

"where's your next class i could give you directions or take you there if you want" i offer.

"I'm in History, H9" she answers.

"Oh cool I'm next door in H10 I'll take you there then" i reply


when we get there...

"here we are H9 and H10" i announce

"thanks Joel" Amy replies.

"Oh no worries you helped me understand English for the first time in my life. So really i owe you more than to show you where a classroom is. I'll see you later though" i answer.

"Bye then"


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