The new girl


3. History

After Joel shows me where my classroom is I nervously walk in and realise this is a room full of strangers. Strangers that all stare at me. I wish I was in the same class as Joel. The teacher seats me next to a girl called Chloe.

"Hey you must be new here I'm Chloe," says the girl next to me.

"Oh hi I'm Amy" I answer

" sorry but you're like really pretty. you must get a lot of guys running after you" Chloe compliments

"Um thanks but about the guys no not really" I admit

"so do you know anyone here then?" she asks

"Oh I have two cousins or sort of cousins called Kieren and Joel that go here," I say

"cool" she replies.

Then the conversation just dies right there and then. I then turn my attention to the lesson on the American civil war. 


After the lesson, I spot Joel. He's crowded by his mates. I try to go over to him but I get swallowed by the crowd. I'm pushed back and I realise then and there that I'm nothing. I'm just some girl that goes to the school trying to get his attention. He must have a million girls going after him right now. Why does life have to be so unfair?

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