The new girl


4. A surprise visitor - Joel

I walk through the door and see my mum washing up. She says "Joel get changed your cousins are coming over tonight for tea so you'll have to wear something nice and set the table" 

"oh ok don't our cousins live an hour away and it's a school night so yeah" I answer slowly

"No they moved in next door and Amy's now in your year at school and Katy's in year 6" she explains

"ah ok"

I rush upstairs. Then I realise something. The girl I spent the day obsessing over could be my cousin. I mean she fits the criteria she's in my year, she just started today, she's called Amy. Ok, i'd better wear something nice, real nice but still casual. I can do that dressy but casual.

Once I've changed I go downstairs to set the table. There's a knock at the door. "I'll get it" I shout.

I run to the door and compose myself before opening it. I open the door and there she is Amy, beautiful Amy. She turns around and smiles.

"Wait, sorry did I get the wrong address or something?" She asks politely

"No, you've come to the right place" 

"So I guess we meet again. Katy and the others were running a little late and seen as though i was ready I just came along. I was told to bring a bottle of wine so I'll give that to your mum or Dad and I'm babbling" she says

"It's fine, really. Do you want to come in?" i ask

"erm yeah, please"

She steps inside and I close the door

"I didn't recognise you at school. You look so different from the last time I saw you"

"Yeah same here and you too"

"so did you make any new friends in History?" I ask

"well I was sat next to a girl called Chloe and we talked and stuff" Amy answers

"she's like the most popular girl in our year. you're lucky she even talked to you. She doesn't do that a lot, trust me" i add

"says you Mr popular. I tried to chat with you after history but you were surrounded with all your hundreds of friends and obviously i didn't want to intrude." She explains

"you should've come over all my friends are dying to meet you...with you being the new girl and all obviously. It's like you're a shiny new toy for them to play with" 

"Maybe i will next time. There was this weird and slightly awkward moment where Chloe said i was really pretty and i had no idea how to answer. I was like um... ok... thanks."

"meh you're alright I'd probably give you a 5 or 6 out of 10" I tease.

That was the single biggest lie i've ever told in my life. Amy's perfect, she's flawless. If i was being truthful i'd have said infinity out of 10. Obviously i have to make it seem as if i'm not into her at all with her being my cousin. This is such a messed up situation. Why does she have to be my cousin... or almost cousin?

"oh, right thanks, nice to know your opinion. I'll bare this in mind for future references" Amy replies with a smile.

Her smile oh my gosh why does it do this to me. When she smiles he eyes begin to sparkle and shimmer like fairy dust being struck by sunlight. They don't stop glistening and gleaming ever. This is why i love her. I, can't love her though. Amy's my cousin. It's never gonna happen between us so i should just forget it like NOW! 

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