The new girl


1. My first day - Amy

I walk into a crowded hall. I want to turn around and run back home but I can't. I'm starting at Outwood Grammar school. There's two people in the entire school that know me but they don't even know I'm coming. I take a sharp right turn up an empty staircase. It leads me to a busy corridor filled with lockers and students. I take a deep breath and walk. I don't stop until I reach some space. Space, space to think, space to breath, just space. I try to compose myself and gather up my trembling emotions. I turn around to find what feels like a million eyes all on me. The moment i turn around every single head turns away and people act as if they weren't staring but i know they were. Why did I agree to this? No I didn't. My parents found new, better jobs and then we moved. Moved house, moved school, moved on. I look around and try to find my locker. Then i realise i don't have a locker. I reach for my timetable and map so i can attempt to find out where i'm meant to be for the next hour. It's ineveitable that I'll get lost without any help. I begin to make my way down to the office to be given my assigned locker. Everywhere i go I get strange, new looks. I'm the new toy to play with. I'll be stared at until I get worn out so much that I don't look like new. I gulp hard. I just want the ground to swallow me up...whole. I can feel every hair on my body stand up on end. I bite my lip so hard it bleeds, just a little. I want to go home but i don't know where that is anymore. Please someone, anyone, help me!


I reach the office and a young lady asks, "how can i help you, dear?"

I nervously reply with, "I'm new here and I was just wondering whether i've been assingned a locker or not yet?"

"what's your name?"

"Amy Thomas"

She quickly types my name into a nearby computer.

"Locker number 492, dear. On the first floor, the second block on the right." she informs.

"Ok thanks" i add.


I slowly walk back up the stairs. I never mentioned who i knew. I have two sort of cousins that go to this school. One called Kieren, the other Joel. I haven't seen them since I was 8 so i'm pretty sure i've changed. They might not even recognise me. Joel's in my year, Kieren's in the year above. Hopefully I'll have Joel in at least one of my classes. If not I'm going to die. 

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