End up here [l.h, m.c, c.h]

Quin, A perfect student. A+ grades, student council president, cheerleading squad captain, and everything else. Untill she meets Luke. Ultimate bad boy but a total sweetheart on the inside. But once she finds out one of her best friends likes her she is torn if she'll choose Luke or her friend.


1. the new student's hot

Quin is what they call me. I'm an average high school student. I get A+ on all of my academics. I also excell in my PE, art, music, and home economics class. I've always been told that I had a "balanced brain" because I'm athletic, I'm smart, I know how to play various instruments and I can sing but I'm not a nerd, I'm pretty popular actually. I'm part of the cheerleadering team. Whenever it's time for club picking they all fight just for me to join. Still happily and forever will be single. Now that we've got the introduction part over...time for school.

I'm sitting in my usual seat. 3rd row, left most part of the columns. Usual seat mates too.

In my front is a guy named Calum Hood and at my back is another guy named Michael Clifford.

Calum and Michael are heartthrobs in my school and I can somehow see why.

Calum has this cutie pie type of face but when it comes to his muscles... Well that's a different story.

Michael is like a child stuck in a bad boy's body, his tatoos are rad and his snake bite piercing is hot, but I fancy his X tatoo on his middle finger.

"Quin!!!" Michael says child like.

"Hi Mikey" I say while doodling on my notebook.

"You miss me?" He asked. Even without looking back I'm pretty sure he's smirking.

"In your dreams Mikey..." I snort

"One day Q, one day you will fall in love with me" he said with so much confidence. I just laughed.

Calum turned around and came near me. "Squish my face, Quin" he said pointing at his plump cheeks.

"Why?" I ask "You know you want to!" He said trying to sound cute.

"No! What the hell!" I say laughing.

The teacher finally came in. "Alright quiet down!" He said forcefully.

"We have a new student with us today." He said motioning towards the door.

A guy came in. Blonde hair with a mix of brown, his eyes are blue as the sky, broad shoulders, muscular body... 'Is there anything not perfect about this boy?' I thought to myself. He turned to my direction and smirked. 'Oh god, he has a lip ring' I thought again biting my lip.

"This is Luke Hemmings. He will be seated next to Quin" The teacher said motioning towards me. I can hear the girls growling and giving me bad looks.

"Quin, since you are the student council president I expect you to show Mr. Hemmings around." He said raising his eyebrows at me.

"Yes sir." I replied with a smile trying to look obedient. He sat down beside me.

*skip lessons*

The bell finaly rang and me, Michael, Calum, and Luke went to the cafeteria.

"Hemmings," Michael said. "Clifford," Luke said nodding towards him.

"Luke" Calum said putting his fist out and he playfully hit it.

"Wait you guys know each other?" I ask confused.

"Yeah ever since we were little." Calum said with a smile.

"And who might you be?" Luke asked me.

"Call me Quin-" "Aka my girlfriend" Michael said trying to hug me from behind. I hit him lightly with my elbow.

"As if, Mikey." I say chuckling.

"Yeah Michael stop hitting on my babe." Calum said trying to steal me from Michael's arms. I was just laughing until I saw the other people in the crowd piercing me with their icy glares. It's really fun hanging out with them but it also has its consequences.

We finally got to the cafeteria.

"I'm not gonna eat anything since I have cheerleading practice." I moan.

"Wow student council president AND a cheerleader." Luke said looking more intrigued.

"Yeah well it's not that spec-" I got cut off by some of my teammates.

"Captain! We have practice today right?" They asked.

"Yeah we're going to practice those new steps I taught you guys." I answered.

"Oh ok! Thanks cap!" They said so energetically. Before leaving some of them said "H-hi Calum..." And the others said "Hi Michael". I could even hear them whispering and talking about Luke.

When they finally left I turn to see the guys laughing. "What?" I ask smiling.

"Not that special? You're the fucking captain of the cheerleading squad!" Luke said laughing.

"Shut up!" I said laughing along too.

"Alright let's go, we might be late for class." I tell them. We made our way to the hallways. So many students we could barely get through. I kinda got scared because I have claustrophobia. 'It's okay Q, you're tough. You'll get through this..." I said to myself.

"You can hold on to me if you want." I heard Luke say, extending his hand.


Hello my penguins!!!! This is my first ever story so please forgive me if it's not nice XP.


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