End up here [l.h, m.c, c.h]

Quin, A perfect student. A+ grades, student council president, cheerleading squad captain, and everything else. Untill she meets Luke. Ultimate bad boy but a total sweetheart on the inside. But once she finds out one of her best friends likes her she is torn if she'll choose Luke or her friend.


4. Mixed emotions

Michael's lips were surprisingly soft and plump. It felt like cotton candy slowly melting in your mouth waiting for you to swallow. As soon as he realized that I wasn't kissing back he quickly withdrew.

"I-I'm sorry Q..." He stuttered, blushing brightly.

"N-no no! It's fine!" I said nervously looking at my shoes. I thought Michael's little flirts with me was just us joking around. I never knew he liked me for real!

"I shouldn't have done that... Now things will probably get awkward between us." He said gloomily.

"No we won't! I liked it! It was uhmm... Nice!" Stupid... Wtf are you saying?? My self conscience screamed.

"Uhmm... Okay...?" Michael said looking weirded out.

Say something!! Anything! Quick! "Well then," I said standing up. "See you tomorrow Mikey." I said trying to smile naturally. I was debating if I should hug him or pat his back but it started to get awkwardly quiet so I ended up kissing his cheek. I walked out the door. My cheeks were flushed and for some odd reason I was smiling. As I reached the hallway I ran. Fast.

*skip to house*

I lie down on my bed, face flat against my pillows. I let out a muffled scream. I got up and paced around my room. "It's ok Q, I mean you've been kissed before right?" I told myself. "Even though it was when you were in kindergarten..." I said biting my thumbnail. I groan and fell on my bed again.

I can't believe it...

It's impossible ...

Do I like Michael?


DUN DUN DUUUUN!!!! Plot twist!!!!! Hello again my penguins!! I just drank 2 cups of coffee and I'm so HYPEEEER!!!! I don't think I'll be sleeping tonight but aNYWAYS!!! Do you think Quin genuinely likes Michael? Or was it just because of that kiss? So many feelings are stirred up inside of Q! What will she do? STAY TUNED TO MY NEXT UPDATE TO FIND OUTTTT!!!!!


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