End up here [l.h, m.c, c.h]

Quin, A perfect student. A+ grades, student council president, cheerleading squad captain, and everything else. Untill she meets Luke. Ultimate bad boy but a total sweetheart on the inside. But once she finds out one of her best friends likes her she is torn if she'll choose Luke or her friend.


9. change of plans

Change of plans

I decided to cancel my tutor session with Luke today and instead hang out with Michael. I arrived at his porch and knocked at the door.

"Hey baby." He said sleepily.

"Aww did I wake the little kitten up?" I said giggling. I stepped inside and went to his room. I gotta admit, it's pretty clean for a boy's room.

"I thought you had a tutor session with Luke?" He asked lying down on his bed.

"Oh so you want me to leave? Ok I get it." I said starting to leave the room.

"No! Wait I was just asking!!" He said hugging me from behind.

"I was just kidding! You're so gullible it's adorable." I said going to my bag. "Wait let me change first. Where's the bathroom?" I asked.

"Just change here!" He said. "I won't look. I promise." He said turning around.

"Fine. If you break your promise I will punish you." I said starting to remove my clothes. I removed my top first then my pants. There was a mirror at my side and I could see him looking at my ass. "Aha! Gotcha!" I shouted pointing at him. I wore his clothes and went to him.

"W-what? I didn't do anything!" He said blushing.

"You were kinda looking at my ass!" I accused him. I started to laugh at his pink face.

"I'm sorry you're just so sexy!" He confessed. I pushed him down on the bed and got on top of him.

"The suspect has been marked guilty! Now I must punish you!" I said tickling him. His laugh was the most adorable thing I have ever heard.

"Q-Quin!! S-stop!!" He said laughing. He grabbed ahold of my wrists and switched to the top. His big hand held my wrists. With the other he started to tickle my sides. "My turn!" He said childishly.

I squealed. "No!!! If you stop I'll kiss you!"

He pause for a moment. "Promise?"

"Yes!!" I said already kissing him on the lips. He kissed me back passionately and this went on for what looked like an hour (but actually just 5 minutes). I pulled away. "Hey let's play Injustice!" I said motioning to your Xbox.

He laughed and said "Alright but no sore losers!" He said carrying me by the shoulder and gently placing me on the floor. He grabbed some doritos and pizza along with some drinks before he sat back down. I grabbed a blanket and covered us up. Then positioned myself in between his legs.

"Ready?" He asked.

"You can forfeit if you want." I said teasingly.

"That's my line." He said while starting the game.

We picked our players. I picked superwoman and he picked batman. When we began round 1 I was practically SLAYING this game. I made so many combo moves until Michael distracted me by kissing my neck softly causing me to lose focus so I lost. When the second round came I decided to return the favor by palming him. He lost.

"Your touch is evil!" He said placing a pillow in his lap.

"You started it!" I said throwing pillows at him.

He fell on the bed and I fell on top of him. He leaned forward.

"Your lips are my biggest weakness. I shouldn't have let you know... Now I'm always gonna do what they say." He said.

I broke away from our kiss and laughed, tears swelling up my eyes from laughing so hard. "Did you just quote from Justin Bieber?" I said trying to stop laughing.

"What? No! What the hell!" He denied but I could see a tint of pink on his pale cheeks.

"Liar! You're blushing!!" I said. I remembered some of the lyrics and decided to sing it.

"Baby take my broken heart and all it offers cause this is as unconditional that it'll ever get you ain't seen nothing yet..." I continued to sing. He chuckled.

"You should sing more often." He said looking impressed.

"Shut up..." I said leaning back down. Our lips touched once again.

I loved Michael very much but...

What about Luke?


Hey penguins! Sorry I haven't updated in a LONG time. I just got really depressed over the whole Luke has a girlfriend fiasco but I'm all better now. ILYSM ALL YOU PENGUINS!!!


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