End up here [l.h, m.c, c.h]

Quin, A perfect student. A+ grades, student council president, cheerleading squad captain, and everything else. Untill she meets Luke. Ultimate bad boy but a total sweetheart on the inside. But once she finds out one of her best friends likes her she is torn if she'll choose Luke or her friend.


2. A sea of people

I was a bit shocked to hear that. "N-no thanks. I can handle myself." I said trying to sound confident. I walked towards the crowd trying to follow Michael and Calum. But I lost them after a while. I started to get dizzy and confused. I fell to the ground. Everything was spinning

"Michael!" I screamed. "Calum!" But the noise of the students chattering overpowered my voice.

"Luke! Please! Help me!" I shouted. I felt a hand grab my arm. It was Luke. He pushed me on to the lockers while he blocked me from the crowd.

"Shh... It's ok Quin. I've got you." I heard Luke tell me. I calmed down after that. His voice was so soothing and calm.

The crowd died down and we went back to the classroom only to find Michael and Calum rushing towards me. "Q are you alright?! Are you hurt?! When I looked back you weren't there and I remembered that you were claustrophobic and the-" I stopped him. "I'm fine Mikey, Luke helped me" I said smiling brightly but by the looks on Michael's face he didn't look too happy.

"You could have just called me Quin," Michael said with a serious tone.

"I did but you didn't hear me..." I said looking down at the floor. I heard someone's phone ring, it was Luke's. As he looked at the text his eyes grew big. "I gotta go." He said grabbing his bag on the floor. "Where are you going?" I asked curiously.

It's none of your business..." He said so seriously it scared me. He walked away leaving me and the guys alone.

'It's none of your business...' His words echoed in my head as I blankly stare outside the window. 'We just met right? No need to be concerned' I told myself over and over but I just couldn't stop thinking about what he was hiding.

"Hey Q the bell rang already" Michael said waving his hand infront of my face.

"Hmm...?" I reply blankly. "It's about Luke isn't it..." He said so softly it was almost like a whisper. "Don't worry about him Q." He said. Before I could answer he turned around making sure we were alone. He leaned forward.

Michael Clifford. My best friend. My seat mate. The heartthrob of the school. Kissed me.


Sorry penguins! It's so short! I promise the next one will be longer!! Wo who do you ship?!





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