Jesy's little sister

Jaycee is jesy's sister from little mix when Jaycee falls in love with Michael Clifford can she get her band to be famous or continue having a normal life ?


3. Rehearsing

* At the studio * 

Jesy's point of view 

Me and the girls had some songs to work on but I let Jaycee record some songs it's to help her out with her band.

Jaycee's point of view 

I went over to the recording both and started Singing 

Jaycee-" yeah your such a gentlemen you always open the doors for me but you see is kinda different it's like you always have to be the first one to open his mouth the last one to throw in his towel it's time to show yourself out boy your trying just a little bit too hard I thought I told you when we met that I like for who you are but I think you like an argument don't need to speak my mind to grown to take my time I'm sick of hearing you rhyme your some baby you don't have to come first second is ok cause you ain't ever beating me I say it once you say it twice you know i like a little competition from time to time you think I'm wrong but I know I'm right I like a man with ambition but when you know it's time to let go cause I think I'm about to lose my mind" 

Everyone was really surprised and started clapping 

Perrie-" Jaycee that was amazing " 

Jaycee-" thanks " 

It felt good to sing one of my sister band 's songs I can see that she was proud of me.


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