Jesy's little sister

Jaycee is jesy's sister from little mix when Jaycee falls in love with Michael Clifford can she get her band to be famous or continue having a normal life ?


15. How could you

Jaycee's point of view 

Today me , Michael, and Niall tell everyone about me and Michael hopefully they understand 

Niall-" are you sure you guys are ready to do this " 

Jaycee-" yeah we're sure " 

Niall-" alright " 

* walks into room * 

Everyone was laughing until they saw us 

Niall-" guys Jaycee has a big announcement " 

Leigh-Anne " what is it " 

Jaycee-" me and Michael are dating " 

They all looked at us jesy and Liam did not look happy 

Perrie-" that's great news " 

Louis-" yeah you found someone that makes you happy " 

Jade-" this is the most exciting news ever " 

Harry-" yeah " 

Ashton-" wow " 

Luke-" nice job Michael " 

Calum-" yeah you got a keeper " 

Michael-" thanks guys " 

Then we all looked at jesy and Liam 

Jaycee-" well " 

Liam-" how long has this been going on " 

Jaycee-" the whole tour " 

Jesy-" WHAT!!!!!" 

Niall-" guys calm down " 

Liam-" you knew " 

Niall-" yeah " 

Jesy-" why didn't you tell us " 

Niall-" well I didn't want to ruin Jaycee's happiness " 

Liam-" okay Jaycee say goodbye to Michael " 

Jaycee-" what why " 

Jesy-" you have a career ahead of you Jaycee" 

Jaycee-" I know but we can work this out " 

Niall-" guys don't ruin this for her " 

Liam-" leave Michael " 

Jaycee-" but" 

Michael-" Jaycee it's ok no matter what happens I'll always love you okay " 

Jaycee-" ok " 

Michael-" bye " 

Jaycee-" bye " 

Then the 5sos boys left Jaycee started crying 

Jaycee-" I can't believe you did this too me " 

Liam-" we had no choice " 

Jaycee-" whatever just leave me alone for ever" 

Jesy-" Jaycee " 

Jaycee-" WHAT!!! Why don't i get to choose for myself " 

Jesy-" we care about your career " 

Jaycee-" no all you care about is yours "

Liam-" that's not true "

Jaycee-" really cause that's what it seems like "

I went to the 5sos boy's hotel room and stayed with them for the rest of the tour.


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