Jesy's little sister

Jaycee is jesy's sister from little mix when Jaycee falls in love with Michael Clifford can she get her band to be famous or continue having a normal life ?


23. Coming home

Jaycee's point of view 

Tomorrow is the day me and my bandmates go back home I'm really excited to see jesy and ash and of course Michael it's been hard keeping in touch when you are on tour now I know how Michael feels anyway I'm packing for the airport our concert just ended and apparently jesy had some news for me when I go back home I'm just thinking what did I do this time really. 

* The next day at the airport * 

Michael's point of view 

I finally get to see Jaycee not from a computer screen I saw her come out she ran and hugged me 

Michael-" I missed you " 

Jaycee-" I missed you too " 

Michael-" how was the tour " 

Jaycee-" it was great but I missed home " 

Michael-" well home missed you " 

Jaycee's point of view 

We got In the car and went to my house 

Jesy-" hey welcome back " 

Ash-" we missed you " 

Jaycee-" thanks guys but what was the big news " 

Jesy-" the big news is " 

A/N :

What do you guys think the big news is anyway I'll be updating later cause I have this boring teacher who is making us get school stuff for our class ugh! I hate school so much but I'll be updating later :)xxxxx


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