Jesy's little sister

Jaycee is jesy's sister from little mix when Jaycee falls in love with Michael Clifford can she get her band to be famous or continue having a normal life ?


9. Be careful

Jesy's point of view 

Jaycee walked in she looked very happy I'm guessing she met the 5sos boys already me and the girls were on in 5 minutes 

The song list is : 

1. Move 

2. Wings 

3. Madhouse 

4. Competition 

5. Mr. Loverboy 

6. Little me 

By the time we were all ready me and the girls went on stage and performed.

Jaycee's point of view 

While little mix was singing I saw Michael walking 

Jaycee-" hey " 

Michael-" hey I was wondering maybe you would like to hangout with me tomorrow " 

Jaycee-" yes " 

Then I hugged him I went back to were little mix was they had 2 more songs to sing.

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