Daisy well dressed very pretty, polite girl. Shes Married to Jason Mccann. Everyone she knows and he knows sees them as a lovely couple. Little do they know that shes hurting inside. Whos the one hurting her? Does jason ever come to mind? Abuse and Pills , Depression is written all over the walls of Jason Mccann's house. Everyday is a living hell for her. But someone special steps into her life. Who is this handsome sweet guy? READ ON TO FIND OUT.


3. The Gathering.

So now my family and his family are coming over. Their bringing a friend today. I got ready for the dinner and prepared the table while Jason was in the other room being a cocky jerk. "Honey , is the table done?" he asked as he ran his fingers through his hair. "Yeah" then there was a knock on the door, their here. I let everyone in. I wanted to run out at that point or at least tell someone i was screaming and crying inside like a maniac. I greeted everyone then the last person that came in. Justin. Oh god he was beautiful with his dirty light brown hair and his big gorgeous light brown eyes. He looked so cleaned up. I could not stop staring i was speechless. "Um hi?" he said while chuckling at me. "Oh hello im Daisy" i said while snapping out of my stare at him. "im Justin" he smiled at me then continued walking to the dining area. I closed the door and walked into the dining area and sat down across from Justin as Jason was next to me. "So this is Justin he is so polite and outgoing we thought it would be nice if he meet you two also" my mother said as she took a sip of her whine. "Hello, Justin" Jason said as he glared at him as if Justin wasn't suppose to be here. We all started eating while everyone was rambling about different things. "Why so quiet?" Justin asked me while he smiled and ate another spoonful of mash patatoes. "Uh I dont know" i said while looking down. "Are you shy?" he asked while waiting for me to look up at him. Damn he is so gorgeous its not even funny. "Maybe" i said while giggling trying not to be awkward. What the fuck i barely met him and i feel like he has power over me. "You're too cute" he said. He blushed i noticed it and that only cause me to laugh a little at him. Jason overheard and looked at me then Justin then back at me. He squeezed my thigh roughly making me breath heavily. He stopped then took his hand away slowly and took a sip of his whine. "Um ill be right back" I quickly went into the kitchen just to rethink. What if Jason heard him and now i have Justin's life at risk. Holy shit. Jason walked in and pushed me up against the counter of the sink. "I see the way your talking to him and looking at him, dont pull that shit with me Daisy. Your in my house and if you don't do what i like you'll get punished you know that" He slapped me leaving me a red mark on my face. Tears already forming in my eye. "Don't you ever think about getting close to him" he scolded darkly while leaving me in shock. I came back gulping trying to make my tears go away. I guess Justin noticed the mark on my face and glossy eyes. "Hey are you alright?" he asked looking so concerned. Did he actually care? Im so mind fucked right now. "Yup" my voice cracked in between giving away that i was far from okay. "Hey don't cry" he said while he grabbed my hand. Jason quickly shot Justin a dirty look. He pulled his hand away slowly while looking down at his lap. Soon the dinner was over and everyone was leaving. I said goodbye to everyone. Jason went upstairs so i said a private goodbye to Justin. "Hey you'll be alright. Text me..shh" he said while placing his finger on his lips. He gave me a piece of paper then left to his car. I closed the door while staring at the paper. Maybe Justin is my exit ticket out of hell. Jason went downstairs and started walking towards me. I tucked the paper in my pants. "Little Bitch i see what you guys had going on there!" he shouted at me furiously and threw things at the wall. I covered my ears and slowly sat down leaning against the wall. "Please stop!" i yelled as he kept on banging on the wall and kicking tings around. "No because if you get close to this guy someone has to die!" he yelled. H left me in shock. Did he just say someone has to die? This guy is beyond physco. God please take me. After he was done he cooled down a little while going up stairs and slamming the door behind him.



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