Daisy well dressed very pretty, polite girl. Shes Married to Jason Mccann. Everyone she knows and he knows sees them as a lovely couple. Little do they know that shes hurting inside. Whos the one hurting her? Does jason ever come to mind? Abuse and Pills , Depression is written all over the walls of Jason Mccann's house. Everyday is a living hell for her. But someone special steps into her life. Who is this handsome sweet guy? READ ON TO FIND OUT.


5. That was close

"Fuck" he whispered back and placed his hands on his head. "Justin go up stairs!" i yelled as i pointed up while i ran up the staircase with him. Jason is gonna kill us. "where tf do i hide?" he panicked. "think of something!" i yelled in a whisper to him. I closed the door as i quickly walked down the stairs. "Hey whats the rush?" Jason asked as he placed both his hands on my arms and pushed me against the wall. "Um nothing" i nervously chuckled. Jason started to kiss my neck as he moved his hands to my waist. He stopped and pulled my arm as he started to run with me up stairs. I pulled away and stopped in my tracks. He stopped running and turned around to look at me. "Daisy,come on" he spoke as he gestured me to come. "No,um maybe we should stay here.." i asked as i looked down at the floor. He paced towards me and grabbed my face. "You fucking come on." he spoke in an evil tone as he squeezed my jaw making me bruised. He grabbed my wrist roughly as he led me upstairs to the bedroom. What am i gonna do now? Jason will find out Justin is in there and i don't even know where Justin is hiding! He opened the door and slammed me on the bed. He had a smirk on his face as he started to pull off his shirt. I formed a fake smile at him as i analyzed the room looking for Justin. I pretended to take off my shoes as i looked under the bed and sure enough Justin was there. As i made eye contact with Justin he placed his finger on his lips gesturing me to be quiet. I looked back up as i saw Jason fully undressed. Like he had nothing on! I had to pretend i was into him at this moment if it meant Justin not getting killed by this phsycopath. I'm pretty sure Justin is disgusted by now. Jason's smirk faded away as he pointed at me. "what?" i asked looking down at myself. "all that.." "take all that off" he demanded. "Oh, yeah right." i said as i started to take off my shirt and pants and soon enough i only had my underwear and bra on. Jason smirked once more and pushed himself on me as he pulled the covers over are bodies while only leaving are heads out. He kissed up and down my neck and focused on my stomach as i saw Justin roll out from under the bed. Justin stood up quietly and looked at me but he didn't look happy or focused on leaving at all. That got me thinking just for a second. "GO" i mouthed as he nodded and walked out slowly. I heard the click of the door shut to the front door and Jason's head shot up. "what was that?" he asked as he turned around. "uh nothing,baby" i spoke as i tried to seduce him. I grabbed the back of his neck while pushing him down back to me. "Daisy,stop" he demanded as he jumped off me and he quickly put on his underwear and shorts. I got up and put a big t shirt on and ran down the staircase after Jason.Jason scanned the living room and kitchen. "everything ok?" i asked nervously hoping Justin wasn't out there still. "i thought i heard the door open.." he said as he ran his fingers through his hair. Damn i am so relieved Justin got out here safely. But the look he gave me when we were in the bedroom still has me thinking.

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