Daisy well dressed very pretty, polite girl. Shes Married to Jason Mccann. Everyone she knows and he knows sees them as a lovely couple. Little do they know that shes hurting inside. Whos the one hurting her? Does jason ever come to mind? Abuse and Pills , Depression is written all over the walls of Jason Mccann's house. Everyday is a living hell for her. But someone special steps into her life. Who is this handsome sweet guy? READ ON TO FIND OUT.


2. Murder

As i finished curling my hair i was about to walk out the bathroom door when Jason blocked my way. "Excuse me,Honey.." i said while trying to pass through him. He chuckled and grabbed my waist while pushing me up onto the wall. I hated when he pulled this kinda crap. He's so schizophrenic, who knows he might kill me in the next 2 seconds. "Jason" i said trying to push him off. "Shhh darling" he said while pushing his finger on my lip. He harshly pulled at my waist making me uncomfortable. "Jason,Get off!" i yelled while pushing him fully off me then walking out the bathroom door making my way to the staircase. I didn't even take one step down until he pushed me down. I tumbled down while screaming in pain. "JASON!" i screamed at him in shock. I mean he's slapped and kicked me but never has he done this. Just the thought of knowing what he is capable of doing scared me even more. I looked at my wrist as it was puffy. It hurt when i touched or tried to move it. I saw him walk all the way downstairs and kneel down to me. "Jason..i think its broken." i said while crying. "Let me see.." he said while putting his hand out. I gave him my wrist and he smirked at me while chuckling. He then twisted my wrist all the way around. "AHHH JASON STOP!" i screamed horrified and in pain. He let my wrist go throwing it on me and started walking to the living room. He both stood there in are tracks. The mail man,was here in are living room watching with the most horrified face ever. "Um..Just came to um.." he stuttered trying not sound scared or nervous. "shit.." Jason said under his breath while stepping closer to the mail man. Jason closed the door and pushed down the mail man. "NO JASON!" i yelled at him. "Now you daisy need to shut the hell up!" he yelled while pointing at me. "Man calm down i wont say nothing!!" The mail man pleaded for dear life. Jason chuckled a bit then BAM one hit to the mail mans face then another and another and non stop punches. I cried speechlessly i just couldn't process what was happening. I was so scared that i just couldn't move or talk just cry. Then Jason pulled out his gun pointing it to the mans head. "NO PLEASE!" the man yelled trying to get up. Blood dripped down the mans nose and bruises all around his eye. "Jason dont please!" i yelled nervously trying to save this mans dear life. Jason then pointed it at me "DAISY IF YOU DONT SHUT THE FUCK UP I WILL KILL YOU NEXT!" he scolded. I shut my mouth up. I didn't wanna die not this way. Then a loud gun shot went off and echoed all throughout the house. My eyes grew wide as i saw the man lifelessly laying on the floor of our living room with blood spilling out the side of his head. I put my hand over my mouth while my breath deepened in fear. Jason put the gun down and picked up the man while walking towards the basement. "Oh and daisy you even tell anyone about this you will be the next one to die." He said very seriously while making his way down the steps of the basement. I slowly stood up and ran upstairs. My tears came bursting out my eyes like none stop. I just witnessed a man being murdered. My mascara running down my cheeks while i thought of the fact that someone just got killed in my own house. I searched through my stuff to find bandage wrapping for my wrist. I wrapped 3 thick layers around my wrist making sure its secured. I heard Jason walk in the room. " Hey" he said while staring at me through the mirror. i turned to face him. "What about my wrist?" i asked in my serious voice while holding my wrist up. "We'll go to the doctors tomorrow before the family comes over." then he walked out the room.


Sorry if this is too short but ive been very busy!!!! Hope you like this story i will be posting another chapter tomrrow! -Ilene

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