Daisy well dressed very pretty, polite girl. Shes Married to Jason Mccann. Everyone she knows and he knows sees them as a lovely couple. Little do they know that shes hurting inside. Whos the one hurting her? Does jason ever come to mind? Abuse and Pills , Depression is written all over the walls of Jason Mccann's house. Everyday is a living hell for her. But someone special steps into her life. Who is this handsome sweet guy? READ ON TO FIND OUT.


1. Locked out of the world

"Daisy! Make me some tea! And hurry up, will you?" He yelled from downstairs demanding me to cater to his every wish. Gosh i hated him with every bone in my body.He was the devil.Oh Jason Mccann i wish i never fell for him the way i did. I rushed down stairs and into the kitchen making him some tea. I carefully walked towards him making sure not spill any on the carpet. Or he'd probably beat me to death."Here,Honey.." i said as i handed him the cup while making my way towards the staircase. "Daisy." he said very stern. i stopped in my tracks slowly turning around to face this bastard. "Sit with me,You never spend time with me." I gritted my teeth while managing to say "oh okay.". I sat on his lap and faked my smile at him. I should've punched him right there,but i couldn't.He grabbed my waist very harshly while taking a sip of his tea. Before i knew it he spit at me with tea dripping down his chin. "What the fuck do you call this? this is terrible!!" he said while throwing me harshly to the ground , pouring the tea all over me. "You dumb bitch!" He hissed as he slapped me with all his might leaving me a big red spot across my face. I felt a tear run down my cheek.I wasn't very surprised of what just happened, this was the usual. "Go take a shower you dirty slut!" he yelled as he pulled me up by my shirt. I feared him very much.All the time.Who knows he might kill me one day. He then pushed me out of his sight. I ran up stairs as my tears came flowing in very fast.I hated this,i hated my life so much. I wish i could die already.I undressed myself letting my clothes fall to the ground as i stepped inside the shower. Feeling the cold water run down my spine just took me away from reality for a bit. I got out, drying my long golden hair and brushing it up into a pony tail. I wore my black laced top and leggings and slipped on my black flats along with grabbing my purse. My hand was on the door knob when Jason stopped me. "Where do you think your going to,Missy?" he said as he had his hand on the door not allowing it to open. "Im just gonna take a walk for a bit,Jason." i said as i feared looking up into his eyes.He grabbed my wrist and swung me around and sat me on the couch. "You are not going anywhere! You stay here and clean up this mess you made!" he scolded as he walked upstairs. I wanted to cry but held back my tears. I am so weak yet i still try to be strong,but i just can't take this bullshit anymore.

--------------------------------------------AUTHORS NOTE PLEASE READ--------------------------------------------------------

Hey guys hope your enjoying this and make sure to read my other storys i have up. (i met him online) (one less lonely girl) Anyways leave a comment what you think of this so far! please. If your enjoying so far give it a like and a favorite. Alright thanks guys bye!

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