Daisy well dressed very pretty, polite girl. Shes Married to Jason Mccann. Everyone she knows and he knows sees them as a lovely couple. Little do they know that shes hurting inside. Whos the one hurting her? Does jason ever come to mind? Abuse and Pills , Depression is written all over the walls of Jason Mccann's house. Everyday is a living hell for her. But someone special steps into her life. Who is this handsome sweet guy? READ ON TO FIND OUT.


4. Justin

"Daisy! im leaving your ass better stay here" Jason yelled from downstairs. Uh can he just shut up already. I hurried downstairs with a fake smile greeting him. He clutched my face and said "Don't think about contacting Justin, you got that? Now stay here im leaving for a couple of hours." with that he left and drove away. Finally that evil bastard is gone. My phone started to ring. I picked it up and cleared my throat to answer. "Hey? Daisy?" Justin spoke. My heart pumped, butterflies in my stomach. What was this feeling? He gave me chills. "Uh Hey Justin its me!" i said excitedly but nervously. "Guess what?" My face turned into curiosity "um what?". "open your front door.." he said while giggling a little. I dropped my phone onto the couch and opened the door. There standing right in front of me was this gorgeous human being named Justin. Woah literally my legs turned into jelly. "Hello" he said while letting himself in and closing the door behind him. "Justin.." i said breathlessly just looking up and down at him. "I know i shouldn't be here but i was worried about you.." "i mean is everything alright with you and Jason?" he asked while rubbing his neck awkwardly. "Well um- you see-we-uh never mind.." i sighed and sat down while looking down at my hands. "Somethings wrong,Your not telling me something." he spoke worriedly while he grabbed my shoulder. I felt the tears build up in my eyes, i couldn't keep this a secret anymore i just couldn't. One tear rolled down my face as others left my eyes. "Hey..hey dont cry!" he said and pulled me into a hug. I felt safe and protected with him. This is wrong. But yet so right. I hugged him back tightly as i felt his body tense up. "Everythings gonna be alright.." he whispered into my ear as i was still wrapped in his arms. I cried into his shirt for about 10 minutes. Soon my tears stopped. "Im so sorry you had to see me like this maybe you shouldn't be here Justin.." i said as i pulled away and walking into the bathroom. I looked like a mess! I had mascara all over my cheeks and my lipstick wasn't even on my mouth anymore. "This kinda happened" he said as he held up the bottom of his shirt that had makeup all over it. "Oh god im soo sorry" i said as i grabbed his shirt. I looked up at him realizing what i was doing. He smirked and stared back at my eyes. "Maybe i should get you a new shirt" i said as i let go of the stare and went upstairs. He followed behind me.I gave him one of Jason's black shirts. I turned around to hand it to him. My jaw dropped to the fucking floor i swear. He had his shirt off and his abs were right in the open as so his muscles were too. "Woah" i said stupidly not knowing what i was thinking. "Ha" he chuckled while rubbing his neck once more. "Just here put this on and don't worry about bringing it back.." i said as i threw him the shirt and i hurried downstairs. "Hey hey whats the rush?" he asked while running down right after me while trying to put the shirt on. I looked out the window and my face turned pale as fuck. My heart literally just stopped. No no no i am gonna die..."Whats wrong?" he said while standing behind me. Jason was home. Oh dear God. "Jason is here!" i said whispering but in a panicked voice.




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