Kellins Girl

All went well for Melody until she went to a sleeping with sirens concert with her best friend and got dragged out of the mosh pit 5 songs into the gig. She had been waiting all day and was gutted till she saw someone familiar come back stage. she could see in his eyes that things were about to change..... for the better....


1. Authors notes

okay guys so don't go off at me but i NEED to write this! My best friend and i just managed to get sleeping with sirens concert tickets to go together and we nearly died when we found out! so I thought to celebrate i would write a kellin quinn fanfic. I love kellin quinn and dont wish any ill on his marriage as he has a beautiful daughter Copeland. This is simply fiction and for entertainment. 


Enjoy and if you dont know who "Sleeping with sirens" are comment down below and ill suggest some songs for you to listen to of theirs



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