They just don't know you

Ariana hart the most prettiest girl in school but is a outcast outside of school but when the bad boy likes her will he like her for the real her.


6. Wait

Ariana's point of view  

I walked in class and sat next to Luke I really wish he wouldn't be such a bad boy I blinked a couple times and saw that Luke was smirking at me

Luke-" like what you see " 

Ariana-" in your dreams " 

Luke-" how about we hangout after school 

Say ......No! 

Ariana-" sure " 

God I'm so stupid 

* The bell ringed* 

Luke-" great see you after school " 

Then Luke left 

Ariana-" * whispers * why did I say yes " 

After school I saw Luke with his friends so I ran home and got in my favorite green day shirt, sweat pants, glasses , and my penguin slippers the only person who saw me like this was Lucy my parents moved out a year ago jus then I heard someone knock on my door it was ........... What the hell what is Luke doing here.

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