They just don't know you

Ariana hart the most prettiest girl in school but is a outcast outside of school but when the bad boy likes her will he like her for the real her.


4. The party

* during the party* 

Ariana's point of view 

People dancing laughing playing games this is the best party I have ever thrown I felt someone tap on my shoulder when I turned around I saw Luke hemmings 

Luke-" great party " 

Ariana-" thanks " 

Luke-" wanna dance " 

Ariana-" sure"

Me and Luke were dancing I could tell that he was drunk but I didn't care all I care about right now is being with Luke and nothing else but after tonight would he love the real me or the prettiest girl in school me then out of nowhere he kissed me I kissed him back it felt like sparks were flying " wait no stop Ariana " as said in my mind but I didn't want too nothing could make me stop. 


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