They just don't know you

Ariana hart the most prettiest girl in school but is a outcast outside of school but when the bad boy likes her will he like her for the real her.


8. The date

Ariana's point of view 

I got ready and put on a violet purple dress with tan pumps I just left my glasses on cause I need to know for sure if Luke isn't setting me up then I heard the door bell ring I saw Luke standing there he looked happy to see me 

Ariana-" hey " 

Luke-" hey ready " 

Ariana-" yeah " 

Then we both drove off to a pizza restaurant. 

Luke's point of view 

Ariana looks really pretty even with or without her glasses why doesn't she wear her glasses more often she looks really smart but I'm a bad boy I can't like geeky girls but Ariana is different somehow 

Ariana-" Luke are u okay " 

Luke-" oh yeah I'm fine just thinking "

Ariana-" oh " 

Luke-" I like your glasses " 

Ariana-" thanks "

 Ariana's point of view

He likes me with my glasses on okay maybe this won't be so bad until Katie the 2nd most popular girl in school walked in and notice me with my glasses on she took a picture and laughed then my phone buzzed she posted it also

Ariana-" Luke can you please take me home "

Luke-" yeah sure "

We left and we got back to my house

Ariana-" bye Luke "

Luke-" bye see you tomorrow at school "

Ariana-" which one the real me or the popular me "

Luke-" ari- um bye "

Ariana-" bye "

I shut the door and slid down tears we're falling from my face I don't think Luke liked the real me at all.

Luke's point of view

I can't believe Katie did that to Ariana that made things harder for me I loved Ariana with her glasses if that's the real her then everyday I'll just keep falling in love with her even more.



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