They just don't know you

Ariana hart the most prettiest girl in school but is a outcast outside of school but when the bad boy likes her will he like her for the real her.


9. It's okay I understand bye Luke

Ariana's point of view 

I walked down the school halls everyone was laughing but all I could do was stay quiet and keep my head down until Luke ran into me Damit 

Luke-" sorry for everything " 

Then I looked at him he was sorry but why 

Ariana-" it's fine " 

Luke-" Ariana I really would like if you could give me another chance " 

Ariana-" I'm sorry I can't bye Luke " 

I know he's sorry but the pretty popular girl that he fell in love with is gone he won't see her ever again now I'm just me the real me feels good but I just wished he would've liked me for me.

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