They just don't know you

Ariana hart the most prettiest girl in school but is a outcast outside of school but when the bad boy likes her will he like her for the real her.


7. Is that you

Ariana's point of view 

Luke was standing there I just fixed my glasses

Luke-" Ariana is that you " 

Ariana-" yes the real me " 

Oh no here it comes ................. 

Luke-" cool " 

Wait what..........

Ariana-" what " 

Luke-" your great for who are " 

is he joking are something 

Ariana-" there's no videos or cameras is there " 

Luke-" * laughs *  no just me "

Ariana-" okay "

Luke-" I came to ask you if you wanted to hangout tomorrow night " 

I'll give it a shot to see if he's kidding  

Ariana-" sure " 

Luke-" great see you tomorrow " 

Then he walked away well tomorrow should Be a heartbreak fun.

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