They just don't know you

Ariana hart the most prettiest girl in school but is a outcast outside of school but when the bad boy likes her will he like her for the real her.


3. At home

* at home * 

Ariana was doing her homework and singing 

Ariana-" from the moment I met you everything changed I knew I had to get you whatever the pain I had to take you make you mine take you and make you mine oh oh oh so put your hands up oh oh oh cause it's a stand up " 

Lucy-" hey bitch " 

Ariana-" what " 

Lucy-" tomorrow we have to go shopping " 

Ariana-" alright " 

Lucy-" so how was Luke " 

Ariana-" we didn't do anything " 

Lucy-" I'm surprised especially from Luke " 

Ariana-" he's not that  bad "

Lucy-" if you got to really know him you would know what I'm talking about " 

Ariana-" you don't even know what your talking about most of the times " 

Lucy-" true but be careful " 

Ariana-" I will" 


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