Rebels and cool kids fall in love

Jessica: this must be detention great
Riley: again wait what is the cool kids doing here aw man
Luke: how is this gonna go
Calum: again oh well
Jessica and Luke are the most coolest kids in school they have been together since they were 5
Riley and Calum the Rebels never left each other's side and never will cause who can spreate this pair of friends


15. We forgive you

Riley's point of view 

Me and Calum sat at our usual table until Jessica and Luke came over to us 

Luke-" so " 

Calum-" this choice is all Riley " 

Riley-" we forgive you guys and we are willing to give you another chance " 

Luke-" thank god " 

Jessica-" we are really happy " 

Calum-" so what happens now " 

Riley-" I think we know the answer to that " 

After that day me and Calum felt happy for the first time in our lives Jessica and Calum got together Calum stopped all the rebel stuff but he would miss the pranks me and him did Luke taught me everything I needed to know and I never thought Luke can make me happy just like Calum did but no matter what Jessica and Luke will always be the cool kids and me and Calum will always and forever be the rebels so I guess you can say our lives are even better.

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