Rebels and cool kids fall in love

Jessica: this must be detention great
Riley: again wait what is the cool kids doing here aw man
Luke: how is this gonna go
Calum: again oh well
Jessica and Luke are the most coolest kids in school they have been together since they were 5
Riley and Calum the Rebels never left each other's side and never will cause who can spreate this pair of friends


14. We are sorry

Luke's point of view 

* at school * 

I saw Riley drawing in her notebook I tapped her shoulder and she turned around not very happy shit..... Calum told her what Jessica said 

Riley-" what do you want !" 

Luke-" to say I'm sorry " 

Riley-" is that why you asked me on a date with you so your girlfriend can hurt the only person who ever cared about me " 

Luke-" that's not why and Jessica is not my girlfriend " 

Riley-" whatever just leave me alone " 

Great I knew it she doesn't like me anymore thanks a lot Jessica. 

Jessica's point of view 

Me and Calum were partners so I decided to break the silence 

Jessica-" I'm sorry" 

 Calum-" oh really cause you hurt the person that helped me through hard times "

Jessica-" I know and I wanted to say sorry for everything I guess I got jealous cause it was only me and Luke for as long as I remember "

Calum-" well I understand that "

Jessica-" so you guys will forgive us "

Calum-" let me and Riley think it over she still feels hurt ya know "

Jessica-" oh ok "

Please forgive me and Luke please.


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