Rebels and cool kids fall in love

Jessica: this must be detention great
Riley: again wait what is the cool kids doing here aw man
Luke: how is this gonna go
Calum: again oh well
Jessica and Luke are the most coolest kids in school they have been together since they were 5
Riley and Calum the Rebels never left each other's side and never will cause who can spreate this pair of friends


11. Rebel date

Luke's point of view 

Today is the day me and Riley go on a date before I can even knock on her door Jessica texted me 

To: Luke 

From: Jessica 

I know how I've met them before it was at a party and we might have split them up talk to you tomorrow.

Those people were Riley and Calum me and Jessica were really drunk we couldn't tell who it was and I realized I was almost a minute late so I knocked on Riley's door.................but wow she looked amazing.

Riley's point of view 

I was in a white and black lace dress and pumps also a necklace and sliver bracelets he looked surprised well I am too cause I usually wear t-shirts and pants 

Riley-" are you gonna stand there like a dummy the whole day or get this date going " 

Luke-" oh yeah right lets go " 

We got in his car and drove off to a fancy restaurant 

Host-"how many " 

Luke-" hemmings two " 

Host-" ah right this way " 

Holy shit .......this place was beautiful me and Luke basically ordered the same thing for the rest of the date Luke talked about he was in a band and the weird part is Calum never told me he was In Luke's band but anyway I talked about how i do dancing classes ...... I know a girl like me well dancing is for fun when you go to a lot of parties. Then we got to my house 

Riley-" thanks I had a really good time " 

Luke-" m-" 

Right then of course Jessica was calling him 

Luke-" uh sorry about that " 

Riley-" it's fine see ya tomorrow Luke " 

Luke-" yeah bye " 

Riley-" bye " 

I walked In my house and went upstairs and flopped down on my bed what could Jessica possibly want at that moment ugh!

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