Rebels and cool kids fall in love

Jessica: this must be detention great
Riley: again wait what is the cool kids doing here aw man
Luke: how is this gonna go
Calum: again oh well
Jessica and Luke are the most coolest kids in school they have been together since they were 5
Riley and Calum the Rebels never left each other's side and never will cause who can spreate this pair of friends


3. I was late

Jessica's point of view 

* alarm * 

Jessica went to her closet and put on a pink shirt , Capris , and her pink converses then she realized she was late so she ran to class until the bell rang the teacher gave her detention 

Jessica-" * whispers * seriously " 

Then Luke walked in class got detention too 

Luke-" this is really stupid " 

Jessica-" I know seriously they give us detention for being 1 Minute late "

Luke-" the rebels go to detention " 

Jessica-" oh please how bad can they be " 

Riley's point of view 

Calum-" this is going to be the best prank ever" 

Riley-" yeah now let's start " 

They spray painted the whole wall until someone caught them 

Principle-" YOU TWO DETENTION NOW!!!!!" 

Riley and Calum-" * laughs * " 

Calum-" told you " 

Riley-" next time the office ".

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