Lukes girl

Bianca Clifford is new to high school and her twin brother is a big goofball and doesn't really care if she's lost in the school. Until she meets Luke..... He is really shy and so are you but then you relize your falling for him! But does he like you too? Find out in The Lukes girl!��#romance #5sos


10. The Tour

Bianca's POV

"Ughhh!" I groaned. "It's like 3 in the morning." "I know, get up we have to start getting ready." Like said to me. I got up and fell in his arms and started groaning because it was way to early. "Here I picked out an outfit for you?." Luke said nervously. I looked at the outfit and thought it was cute, it was my green floral crop top black skinny jeans and black chucks. "Thanks babe, but I'm changing the shirt. I grabbed my loose Bring Me The Horizon shirt and slipped it on along with everything else. Then headed to the bedroom and quickly did my makeup and braid my hair. "Done, I'm gonna check on Michael." I said. "Okay." Luke said back to me. I walked in Michaels room and he wasn't there, come to find out he was already cooking breakfast for Raven. "Are you almost ready to go?" I asked them. "Yeah, the plane leaves in an hour, plus the drive is long so we should get going, SOON!" Michael yelled towards the end of the sentence. "Okay, jeez calm down Luke and I will start putting suitcases in the truck meet us out there when you are done." I said to Michael. "K, love ya sis." He said to me, and with that I ran upstairs and Luke and I started grabbing our stuff and putting in the bed of his truck. And fifteen minutes later we were on the road. Luke and I took his truck, while Raven and Michael took his car. Within 38 minutes we were there. And checked in quick and got on our planes fast, We had to fly to L.A to officially start the tour, since we live in Cali.

Luke's POV

It was adorable how Bianca slept, I loved watching her sleep while I comb my fingers through her hair. She awoke when we landed and we headed straight to the hotel and got food. It wasn't great food but we ate it anyway. Later that day we headed to check the studio out. Ashton and Calums girlfriends were there.

Bianca's POV

We got there and saw two girls. Nightmare and Lilac were there names. Nightmare had long blonde hair with black tips and she had an alternative look to her, not to mention the awesome black bandana. Lilac on the other hand had long ombré hair with thick black glasses. She had a stylish look but no pink, which made me jelly. I walked up to them, " Hi I'm Bianca." I said confidently. "Hey I'm nightmare and this is Lilac." Nightmare said. "Hi!" Lilac said to me. "You guys seem really cool want to hand out and explore L.A together?" I asked. "Yes, I would love to!" Lilac said. Nightmare just nodded her head. But first we grabbed our phones and texted our boyfriends what we were doing and grabbed Raven.

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