Lukes girl

Bianca Clifford is new to high school and her twin brother is a big goofball and doesn't really care if she's lost in the school. Until she meets Luke..... He is really shy and so are you but then you relize your falling for him! But does he like you too? Find out in The Lukes girl!��#romance #5sos


9. The Tour Prep

Authors POV

Hey peeps, I still need girlfriends but I decide to continue it the contest ends 9-11-15

Bianca's POV

We went upstairs and talked about the tour. "Who will be there?" I asked. "Me, you, the boys, and there girlfriends." He said. "I've never met them and are they around my age?" I asked. "Yes they are." He said as I screeched with excitement. "What's there names?" I asked. "Nightmare and Lilac." He said. "Omg!!! I can't wait!" We talked all night and ended falling asleep. I woke up first and immediately started packing, since we leave tomorrow. After an hour Luke woke up. I had breakfast made and everything! So we sat and enjoyed it together, and talked about the tour. "Are you all packed up?" He asked me. "Yes, and don't worry I'll help you pack too." I said. "Thanks how about after breakfast?" He said. "Sure!" I said. After breakfast we headed over to his house.

Luke's POV

We walked in the door and Bianca immediately ran up to my room and started pulling outfits together. "How about your ripped skinny jeans with your black misfits shirt?" She asked. "Whatever." I said. Within an hour everything was packed and ready to go. And it was only 1:00 so we decided to go to the amusement park. It was a fifteen minute drive and when we got there it was empty. So we got on the rides really quick. It was 10:00 and we were tired so we headed home and put on our pjs. And headed straight to bed. But we had to get his suitcase first and then we headed to my house and went to bed.

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