Lukes girl

Bianca Clifford is new to high school and her twin brother is a big goofball and doesn't really care if she's lost in the school. Until she meets Luke..... He is really shy and so are you but then you relize your falling for him! But does he like you too? Find out in The Lukes girl!��#romance #5sos


7. The Four Months

Bianca's POV

The months took long to pass by and I felt like nothing. I was doing really good at school but nobody likes me the only thing that made me happy was when Luke would FaceTime me until dawn. Then I would only get four hours of sleep. I also loved knowing he was with me in the necklace.

(I'm just going to skip the four months but so you know what happened, Bianca got her degree and the boys did great on there performances, they will start to have concerts everywhere.❤️)

Bianca's POV

It has been four months since I saw Luke. I sat in the house excited, waiting. Then the door opened quietly and slowly and Michael walked in with the boys behind them. I ran to them and pushed Michael out of he way to reveal Luke. Without even thinking I jumped into his arms causing him to drop his bags on the floors."I have missed you!" I said smiling and crying tears of joys. "Don't cry I'm here now and I'm still wearing the necklace!" Luke said. "Me too, I just can't believe you're actually here." I said not letting go of his sweaters hood. He held me in one hand and then grabbed his bags and walked me upstairs. A couple of minutes later the boys came up so I can give them a hug too then they went downstairs and all of there girlfriends came to. "So tell me what happened during the four months?" He asked. Before explaining everything I went in his arms and cradled like a child in his lap. Also gave him hundreds of kisses. He also explained what songs he played and what fun it was. Since it was such a long day we went to bed.

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