Lukes girl

Bianca Clifford is new to high school and her twin brother is a big goofball and doesn't really care if she's lost in the school. Until she meets Luke..... He is really shy and so are you but then you relize your falling for him! But does he like you too? Find out in The Lukes girl!��#romance #5sos


2. Projects and More Projects

Michels POV

Wow my sister is acting kinda weird. But I brushed it off my shoulder like nothing happened. "Hey Luke I think my sister is falling for you??" Luke grinned with excitement and quietly cheered. "I had no idea you liked her?" I said concerned. "Dude, I've liked her since 7th grade!" Luke said. I thought to myself, wow 7th grade and we are all in 10th now. Without even noticing I saw Luke walk over to her.

Luke's POV

"Hey Bianca??" I sounded so awkward when I said that. "Hi Luke, I was wondering if you would-?" I cut her off with a sweet, simple kiss. "You didn't let me finish, I was going to ask if you wanted to go mini golfing?" I let out a sigh in relief and said yes. "Thank you!" She gave me a quick kiss and was off. "Wait!" I shouted. She turned around and stared at me. "Yes?" "Lets hang out at my place and work on the project today." I asked her. "Hold on, let me tell Michael." She actually said yes!! And she didn't care if I kissed her!

Bianca's POV

I am so happy right now! I KISSED LUKE!😘 His cold lip piercing sent chivers down my back and his beautiful blue eyes, he is perfect. I can't believe I'm going to Luke's house, I was so nervous. When I walked up to Michael and asked him if it was okay. He teased me about liking him and I blushed. "Go have fun, twin sister of mine!" He shouted as his words trailed off behind me. Of course I laughed. "Lets go!" I nodded my head and followed him to his car. Luke had an old Ford red pick up truck. "We are here." He said as we walked in. We went straight to his room and started reading. We switched every chapter. It was so cute as I watch him stutter to some of the words and couldn't help but chuckle at him. "What's so funny?" He said confused. "N-nothing." I said, I felt my cheeks turning bright red. He pulled me on to his lap making me blush even more. He gave me a quick peck on the cheek and Michael had invited himself and and walked in on me and Luke kissing each other on the cheeks. "What are you doing?" He said giggling. "Nothing!" I yelled and my cheeks turned hot red.

Lukes POV

After that accident she came over to my house every day for a week. It was awesome! "Our finishing touches are paying off!" I said to Bianca. "I know, I really like it!" She pulled me in for a kiss and I loved it but mostly I love her. I whispered "I love you." Under my breath and she must of heard me. "I love you too." She said.

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