Lukes girl

Bianca Clifford is new to high school and her twin brother is a big goofball and doesn't really care if she's lost in the school. Until she meets Luke..... He is really shy and so are you but then you relize your falling for him! But does he like you too? Find out in The Lukes girl!��#romance #5sos


17. Court Day

Bianca's POV

"You are coming with me, right?" I asked Luke nervously. "Yeah." He said walking close to me, he slid his hands around my waist and slid me close to him. I could hear his heartbeat, it was perfect level, it made me feel safe knowing he was there and always would be. "We don't have a lot of time until we need to leave." He said to me. "I know." I said, I had a sad look to my face, I was more nervous that I wasn't going to win the court thing. He saw a gave me a long sweet kiss, it made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. The drive felt like seconds and I kept my eye on the clock. "Bianca Clifford and West Chanla your cases are next." She called to us. I stared at Luke, about to burst into tears. The woman came and grabbed Luke and I. When we walked in the court room everyone was there, Calum, Nightmare, Lilac, Ashton, Raven and Michael. Plus some close friends from school. I sat down, scared and sawWest, if he won the case he was free and he could stalk me or hurt me in a way. "West did you purposely hurt Bianca, when you hit her with your car?" The lawyer asked West. "No, I drank to much and decided to drive and hit her on accident." West said. "Ok, Bianca did you love him?" He asked me. "I did, until he hurt me." I said as tears rolled down my face. "And how did he hurt you?" The lawyer asked. "He hit me, punched me, wouldn't pwt me go out or hangout with friends, he almost killed me, he only fed me three times a week and when I tried to escape while he was at work he would somehow catch me and beat me with a belt or anything he found." I said literally crying. "Is that true, West?" The lawyer asked. "Yes." He answered. "Case closed you are going to jail and Bianca you are free to go, all of you have a nice evening." The judge said. Without saying anything I ran to Luke and jumped on him. I was so happy.

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