Daddy Kinks.

Daddy kinks

It started off sweet and playful but turned into much much more. I am his slave. There's no going back now.
This is going to be very sexual and descriptive if you do not like that please don't read. You have been warned



Authors note* Lmao its very very sexual so please don't bitch. C: I'm very descriptive it only gets worss.

*Destinys POV*

Ashton walks up to me with a huge smile on his face. "Hey Destiny." I roll my eyes. "Hey Ashton." I look at Calum. "What do you want to do?" Calum just shrugs. "Hey Destiny can I talk to you real quick?" He grabs my arm a little and pulls me away before i can speak. "Ow Ashton you're hurting me. Ow stop. Ashton stop!" I finally get my arm out of his grip. "Leave me alone you fucking asshole!" He puts a hand over my mouth. "Shut up." He starts to pace the room back and forth. "You little bitch.." He turns to me. "How dare you kiss him! My best mate!" He grabs his hair. "Why would you do that huh? Lead me on? Hm? Is that what you like?" I stare at him dumbfounded. "You're the one leading me on.." I say simply he stops pacing and stares at me. "What?" I turn away from him. "You're the one making out with that trashy girl.. As if I wouldn't find out? I thought you actually liked me. Obviously I was stupid. Oh well. I'm going back to Calum now." I turn to walk but he grabs me again. "Let me go Ashton!" He pulls me onto his bed. "Listen to me and you listen to me good. You are mine. Only mine. You are not aloud-" I start to thrash under the pressure of him on me. "You don't fucking tell me who to date. You don't own me." He pushed harder on me. "You are mine. I do own you. Thats what you don't get Destiny. You belong to me. I will do what I want. Fuck who I want. You don't tell me what to do I tell you what to do. Is it wrong to say that I still wanted Ashton even though he was telling me this? The answer is yes. Yes, it was wrong. But somehow i feel like I can change him. I zoned out for a little until Ashton grabbed me by the hair. "Listen. Listen. Here." He snapped infront of my eyes. "Daddys talking princess." I stare at him blankly. "Whats my name?" he asks me. "Ashton?.. Obviously." He looks at me with anger. "What. Is. My. Name. Princess?" I choke out the word a chill running down my spine. "Daddy.." He smiles and gets off me. "Good girl." He pulls me up. "Now go tell Calum you will never be with him."

*Calums POV*

"I don't know dude. I do really like her but I know its just for Ashton." Luke nods. "Don't get into it dude just leave it alone. You know how possessive Ashton is." I nod. "Yeah. You're probably right." I turn to see Destiny walking down the stairs. "Hey Des-" She cuts me off. "We can never be together we will never be together. I know who I belong t- With" I stare at her blankly. "Um.. Okay.." With that she walks out of the house and is gone. Me and Luke exchange weird glances but don't say anything. I can't believe this is happening.

*Ashtons POV*

"Are you coming over princess?" A smirk playing on my lips. "Yes Ashton I'm on my way." I frown. "Yes what?" She sighs. "I'm with my sister..." I groan. "Why do you not want to make me happy?" "Yes daddy.." I smile. "Okay good girl." I hear her sadness over the phone. "Do you even like me?" I fidget with my blanket. "Of course I do princess. You just got me angry. You have to prove yourself to me now." There was silence on the phone for a little so I broke it. "I'll make you feel good tonight princess. Don't worry."

*Destinys POV*

I walk into Ashtons room looking around. "Hello?" Ashton walks out of the bedroom. "Hi princess. I'm just waiting for the boys to leave." He smiles at me. I nod. Feeling more and more unenthusiastic. I think he can feel my tension so he comes and sits by me. "Listen.. I'm sorry about being mean to you princess. You've been a good girl so far. I promise as long as you're good I won't get angry." It was like I was living in roleplay. No reality just fake sex kinks. "I promise I'll be good to you.. I'll treat you like a queen.." I smile at that a little. "They're gone." A smirk toys on his mouth as I start to get really nervous. "Do you want me to make you feel good?" I nod. "Yes.." He smirks. "Say please?" I breathe deeply as his lips get closer to my neck. "Please..." His lips brush my neck. "Please what?" He starts to suck on my neck lightly. "Please daddy." With that he shoves me back on the bed and with one strong pull the seams of my holey shirt rip. He finishes the shirt off and throws it to the side. Grabbing a handful of my breast. While kissing on my neck. Biting and sucking on me smirking at my moans. He slowly goes down to my chest and starts to suck unbuckling my bra with one try. He flings it across the room and starts to run his tounge all around my breast. Flicking at my nipple as I begged him to keep going. Slowly going to my pants he unbuttoned them and took both my underwear and pants off with one quick motion. He kisses all over my thighs and starts to lick everywhere except my clit. "Please." He stops right above it. "Please what?" He murmurs his lips moving on me. "Please daddy please. Make me feel good daddy fuck me." With that he quickly went to work. Biting and sucking on my clit. Putting a finger in and soon working his other in. My moans became louder and his fingers got faster. Slapping against me. It felt like all my muscles were contracting with each orgasm. "Cum for daddy princess. Come on." Once he finally thought I was wet enough he quickly slipped a condom on and slammed inside of me. The pain was unbearable at first taking his whole length in. But finally with all the whimpering and water brought to my eyes the pain broke into moans. He got faster and faster the sound of my screams and our thighs slapping bouncing against the walls. "Harder daddy harder!" He pounded into me.

"How bad do you want me princess?" He got harder. "V-very. B-bad." I stammered. He quickly flipped me over and grabbed me by my hair pounding into me from the back. "Do you like that?" I screamed not being able to form the words. "I'm going to make your legs jelly." With every thrust it felt like he got farther in me. Finally he pulls out ripping his condom off and finishing on my back.

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