Daddy Kinks.

Daddy kinks

It started off sweet and playful but turned into much much more. I am his slave. There's no going back now.
This is going to be very sexual and descriptive if you do not like that please don't read. You have been warned


9. Later

*Destinys POV*

I wake up to an empty bed. I sigh and stretch. "Nice. Leaving me alone. Thats cool." I get up and walk out of the bedroom and go down the stairs. "Woah. Where did you come from?" I look around realizing no one knew I had stayed over. "Oh um. I was looking for Ashton but uh." I raise my arms but realize I have no pants on. I giggle. "We didn't.." I look at them all and take off running. I climb up the lattice and get into my window. "Woah babe watch out." Ashton catches me as I fall into his window. "Hey asshole. Why did you leave me? And I have no fucking pants on thanks a lot." He smirks at me. "Calm down princess. I came over to see where you were. I have your pants in over there." He points to my bed. "Didn't want you leaving anything behind. After you basically throught yourself at defenseless me. I was so struck" He winks at me. I groan. "Thats so embarrassing. And hey thats not funny!" I walk over to my bed and fall onto it. He comes up to me and leans over me. "Its so funny." He whispers in my ear leaving kisses on my neck. I pull him closer to me and wrap my legs around him pulling him to my lips. "Hey, wait. My parents." I turn away from him. He sits up. "Come over to my house then." I smile. "Nah they're over there. They saw me in my underwear." Ashton bites his lip. "Whatever. I guess we'll just have to have a day out then." I nod.

*Ashtons POV*

"Shit babe calm down. I'll come fuck you soon. I'm just working on this other-" I turn to see Destiny walking out of her house. "Hey I gotta go. Okay. Bye." I smile at Destiny. "Ready?" She nods. "Lets go." I grab her hand and we take off. We get into my car and jam along to some Disturbed. I catch her staring. "What are you doing?" I giggle. "Dude you're like perfect." My face heats. "No I'm not." I reach my hand over to her leg. "But you are." She rolls her eyes. "Thats so fucking cheesy." I stick my tounge out. Keeping my eyes on the road. Soon we're at the stop. "Your eyes are closed right?" She nods. I wave my hand in front of her face. "Keep them closed!" I open the car door and wait a little making a noise like I'm gettin out then shut it. As soon as the door is shut she opens one eye. "HA! You little!" She giggles "I can't help it!" I smile pulling her closer to me. "You're a bad girl." I kiss her and then get out. "Come on." She smiles getting out too. "Woah Ashton it's beautiful." I smile happy. This always work. "Thanks. You're the only one that knows about this."

*Destinys POV getting home*

To say that today was magical is an understatement. Ashton is soo sweet. I thought he would be a rough guy since the whole daddy thing but wow. Hes such a cutie. I can't believe I'm saying this but.. I'm really starting to like him. I have a huge smile on my face when I walk up the stairs. "What are you smiling about bitch?" I turn to my sister. "Shut up slut." We laugh. "Did you have a good day?" I smile and nod. "What did you do?" Sharing the experience I had with Ashton today just didn't feel right. "Ah y'know went out. Nothing special." She nods. "I'm hungrryyy." I pout. "Lets get something then you dingus." i roll my eyes. "Mine."

*Ashtons POV*

"Come on. Keep your eyes closed." I open the door and wait just as I had earlier. Then close it. Her eyes stay closed. I sigh to myself. Not as fun when they don't open their eyes. I wait a little and open the door again. "Alright lets go." She opens her eyes. "Whatever Ashton lets just get this done." I roll my eyes. "Lucky you're a goos fuck." I mutter. I walk over to her and see her take in the few. "It's beautiful." I smile. "You're the only one who knows about it." She smiles at me. "Awe daddy." I pick her up putting her ontop of my car. "Are you daddys good girl?" She nods. "Are you going to make daddy feel good?" She nods. "Good, Now get on your knees."

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