Daddy Kinks.

Daddy kinks

It started off sweet and playful but turned into much much more. I am his slave. There's no going back now.
This is going to be very sexual and descriptive if you do not like that please don't read. You have been warned


10. Fakest Smile

*Destinys POV*

"Are you serious?" I groan rolling over to grab my phone. "4 Am? Seriously.." I answer it. "Hello?" I hear muffled sounds but can't quite make it out. "Hello?" I say again. "Ashton?" still nothing. "Whatever I'm hanging up if you won't answer me.. I'll see you later.." I hang the phone up. I get up and walk to the mirror grabbing my brush and brushing through my hair. Then jump in the shower.



*Ashtons POV*

I wake up to my phone going off. I grab my phone and see its a text from Destiny. I shrug off the girl from last night not meaning to fall aslesp with her. "What was that call about? And where are you? Michael says you haven't been home?" I look at my phone. Call? What call? I go through my calls and notice that I had accidentally called her last night when I was with.. Um... Whats her name again? Oh well... "Hey." I poke the girl. "Hey wake up. Hey!" She opens her eyes smiling ans stretching. "Hi." I roll my eyes. "Where did you park?" She sits up. "Across the street from your house duh? What time is it." I stare at her blankly "You parked across the street from my house?" She nods "Duh where else would I park idiot?" I groan. "Not across the fucking street from my house!" She frowns. "I'm sorry daddy.. Don't get stressed.. Here I'll help." She starts to rub her hand against my pants getting ready to unbutton. I shove her hands away. "We need to get back." I put my car and drive and take off. We get atleast two and a half blocks from my house when I pull over. "Okay, you can walk from here." She looks at me like I'm

nuts. "You expect me to walk? From here? You're an idiot!" She crosses her arms. "Oh come on babe. I'll make it up to you." I however had no plan of that. She turns to me. "How?" A smirk plays on her lips. I lean over and start to kiss on her neck. "I can do many things." She giggles. "Stop! No i want a real date. Not just for you to come pick me up and fuck me!" I roll my eyes. "Fine whatever. Here I'll open your door for you." I get out and walk over to her door and open it. She gets out and pulls me down to kiss her. I press her against the car and start to kiss her. As I pull away I say. "Don't go up to my house okay?" she sighs. "Fine but you have to introduce me to your friends some day.." I smirk. "Of course." I kiss her once more. "Okay now go." I get back into my car and drive off as quickly as I can.



*Destinys POV*

"I know Cal.. I shouldn't be overeating over his. Its not like we're dating.." Calum nods. "I'm sure he's not doing anything too bad." He smiles at me. "Ashtons not that bad of a guy." I sigh. "Yeah but he could atleast answer my texts." Calum stops in front of me and puts his hands on my shoulders shaking me. "Listen to me. It's obvious you like Ashton. And it's obvious he likes you. So don't go to into this.. You'll worry yourself too much and-" I look over Calums shoulder to see Ashton with a girl pressed up against a car. I guess the shocked expression on my face was enough to get Calum to turn around. But it was too late and all Calum saw was the girl. "What? Why are you staring at her?" I shake my head. "N-nothing. It was nothing come on.." I say grabbing Calums hand and running towards the house. We get back just as Ashton is pulling into his driveway. I quickly pull Calum over to my house before Ashton gets out of the car. "What are you-" I smash my lips against Calums just as Ashton starts to walk over to my house. It doesn't take long for Calum to respond and soon we're having a 'heated' moment. I pull away slowly a smile on my face. "What was that for?" Calum asks I look over to see Ashton slamming the door to the house. "I just.. I like you Calum." I smile at him. He smiles back less enthusiastic. "Are you sure it wasn't because Ashton?" He nods over to his house. I shake my head. "Calum I've liked you from the start. Yeah sure I like Ashton but.. You're special."



*Ashtons POV*

"Fucking bitch. That fucking bitch!" I slam my fist into the wall. "No one does that to me." I walk down the stairs to see Destiny walking in with Calums arm around her. I put on the fakest smile and walk up to them. "Hey Destiny."



Haaiii sorry for being inactive finally ACT testing is over 😁 Yayyy. Anyways. I'll be trying to post more. Its kinda hard with band, school and all that but I promise to try and post more. Like comment and favorite pleaseee c: Stay strong<3 If you need anything just comment on here or whatever. I'll be here. We can like text or dm whatever don't go through hard times alone

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