Daddy Kinks.

Daddy kinks

It started off sweet and playful but turned into much much more. I am his slave. There's no going back now.
This is going to be very sexual and descriptive if you do not like that please don't read. You have been warned


12. clearing things up


 Haii. So life sucks. Just saying. I popped my shoulder out of place. We had bomb threats at my school and threats of shootings (Not an excuse I know.) So anyways. A couple people have told me this is confusing. I'm going to try and clear that up right now. Sorry if you thought this was an update. ANYWAYS! A couple chapters ago Destiny and Ashton went to this 'special' place that Ashton said he had never shown to anyone it was a supposed to be a secret for their first 'date'. However, the place he took her to was a place that he goes to hook-up with random girls. The girl Ashton woke up with is just a random hook-up. Destiny saw Ashton kissing the girl who he had sex with that night. She got upset and ended up kissing Calum to show that she wasn't going to be just a game for Ashton to pick up when he wanted. She could get others. Then Destiny and Ashton had a moment and bam thats all. Okay. I'm hurting like a bitch. I'm gonna go for now. I will update soon though. Okei. Baiii. Stay strong😊♥️


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