Daddy Kinks.

Daddy kinks

It started off sweet and playful but turned into much much more. I am his slave. There's no going back now.
This is going to be very sexual and descriptive if you do not like that please don't read. You have been warned


2. Breaking

*Destinys POV*

I was woke by music today at 5 am. Fucking 5 am are you kidding me! "Izzy?" my sister flipped over. "Dessy..." I got up and ran my hand through her hair. "I'm sorry baby. I'll go talk to them okay." she shook her head. "I'll be right back." I stand up and walk downstairs. Still half asleep but the anger waking me enough. I slam the door open and walk to the house next door. There's no cars in the driveway and the garage door is open. I slam my hand on the door but no one comes. "FUCK THIS!" I turn the doorknob and it opens I walk in but no ones in the room. "Oh fuck you." I walk over to the computer and hit the button. I walk outside and see all of them. All except the fourth one. I roll my eyes. "GET THE F-" I'm stopped when someone puts their hand over my mouth and drags me backwards. The hand was rough against my lips. I was turned around quickly. "Get the fuck off of me!" I go to punch who ever it was but they grabbed my wrist. "Oh its you." He smirks at me. "You have a dirty mouth on you." I roll my eyes. "Let me go." He drops my wrist and giggles. "Sure whats up." I glare at him. "Whats up? Whats fucking up? My little sister is whats up! She shouldn't be awake I told you already she couldn't sleep and you turn the fucking music on again. You're so annoying. This is why I have everyone. Ugh whatever you're not even listening bye!"

*Ashtons POV*

"You have a dirty mouth" I smirk at her but really I just want to bend her over and show her who is the boss. No yet though. She will be mine. As the girl screams at me I can't help but feel anger rise in me. "You don't talk to me like that. I don't like bad girls." She starts to walk away and I watch her. I watch her hips sway as she walks and every little movement. This girl is going to be hard to break. But it will happen. Soon.

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