Daddy Kinks.

Daddy kinks

It started off sweet and playful but turned into much much more. I am his slave. There's no going back now.
This is going to be very sexual and descriptive if you do not like that please don't read. You have been warned


7. Authors note

*AUTHORS NOTE* OKAY SO I HATE THIS FUCKING SITE/APP. I'VE ALREADY TRIED TO POST A CHAPTER FOR THE PAST THREE HOURS AND IT DELETES EVERY BIT OF IT ASHKILDUSKSYSKEUKE -.- Okay so anyways. I'm sorry for the inactiveness ): School has started and the SAT's are literally next week. I'm so nervouse. We haven't even got study guides for our test. I'm freaking out. People with anxiety shouldn't go to school. Bleh. When my mind clears a little expect more updates if this starts to work again. I know you guys like this story and I'm sooo glad. so i'm sorry for being inactive and not posting. Comment, fav and like. Also stay strong you're amazing. 😊

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