A Diary of a MadWoman.

Hullo there; didn't see you scavenging about in my private life, or well-private safe-keep diary. But oh well, I digress.

School is starting now and damn-is it weirder. Friends become foes, teachers argue with students, more homework/exams/assignments get handed out and-wait.. Did someone say a murderer!?


2. Who Wants a Muffin!?


“Stop loitering about there and get in the car. I don't want to be in your presence longer than necessary, and needed,” my step-pain angrily muttered as she sneered at me in disgust, shoved a blueberry muffin in my hand and gave me a violent push through the kitchen and then the front doors that had me tumbling ungracefully on the floor. 


“Well you didn't have to be so much of a sodding git about it, didja? And really, will my presence be your undoing? I rather think I'm quite the beguiling individual, no?” I smiled cheerfully up at her-have to keep pretences up-and coked my head to one side with my chin in my right palm. 


Sneering distastefully she replied: 


“Don't push it kid. No one thinks you're interesting in the least, save for the fact that you're my step-daughter,” she literally spat that word whilst eyeing me in contempt, “and I dislike you very, very much. I'd rather be seen in last seasons’ outfits than be caught sitting in a car with you beside me.” 


Whilst she had her temper tantrum I picked myself up from the floor and we glided-stumbled, in my case and dragged, in hers-to the black Mercedes car and lodged ourselves into the seats. 


“Love you too,” I mumbled half-heartedly. I couldn't really be bothered to deal with her so I just munched on my muffin and stared out the window as she rattled on and on about her latest beauty products.  


A sharp elbow to my side caught me unawares, and I jolted, knocking my half eaten muffin to the ground. 


“Get out and go to school, you imprudent brat, and stay out of my sight!” The chestnut-haired woman commanded as she threw my backpack-green and yellow from Route One-and threw it at me.  


“Aw, my muffin.” I pouted but abided.




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