A Diary of a MadWoman.

Hullo there; didn't see you scavenging about in my private life, or well-private safe-keep diary. But oh well, I digress.

School is starting now and damn-is it weirder. Friends become foes, teachers argue with students, more homework/exams/assignments get handed out and-wait.. Did someone say a murderer!?


1. Conceited Returns.


Waking up to the sound of my annoying alarm-clock shouting “Cock-O-Doodle-Doo!” was not a favourite pastime of mine. Even better, when said alarm-clock turned off, my step-mum would shout “Time for school!” in the most loud, obnoxious voice she could muster up. 


And that's saying a lot, considering the fact that she was usually quiet and she would just get a broom and bash my door in ‘till I woke up and screamed “I'm coming!” to her from the bathroom. 


So, not wanting to be on the receiving end of my step-mother's wrath, I quickly jumped out of bed and ran to my bathroom shouting along the way “I'm up! I'm up! I'm up!” like some kind omantra. 


Before I smacked myself with my bathroom door; my step-pain had a meeting so I wouldn't be seeing her. So great! Yeah! Hella awesome! 


Five minutes later I was walking downstairs, teeth cleaned, hair brushed and jammed into a high ponytail, face washed, school clothes on (it consisted of a gold-trimmed-red blazer with a serpent emblem on it with the words “Underlying Faith” written underneath it in gold cursive writing, a grey school skirt-the flared type, knee length grey socks, a white blouse, a red and gold tie and black shiny shoes. 


Why they chose those colours, I will never know. Tch, not like I want to anyways. 


Fixing my large-geeky-black glasses on my nose I stopped in front of the kitchen and peeked in slowly, but warily. You never know what might be lying in a kitchen.. 


“You!” A whiny voice shouted-well more of a shriek than a shout-at me and I turned my black-with-blue-highlights-mop-of-messy-long-curly-haired-head in that direction. 


It was a woman with silky chestnut hair, a tanned complexion, angry brown eyes, a tall stature and a heart-shaped face looking at me in thinly conveyed disgust. 


Well I don't like you as well, so that makes two of us. 


This is/was my step-mother I was talking about. She married my foolish dad just for the money, whilst my dad was in it for the..procreation.. Honestly, and they say teenagers are bad..? 


My emerald-green-with-flecks-of-gold-in-them-eyes widened drastically; wait, what was she doing here? I thought she said she had a stupid beauty meeting to go to.


Seeing my obvious confusion, she smirked and placed a hand on her lilac-dress-covered hip smugly. “Well, well, well.. Looks like the mighty have fallen. I was supposed to have gone there, but no one showed up. Foolish really. Seeing as how I am a beautiful regal lady in high society; oh well, their loss. So.. Now, I get to take you to school,” she said this with an evil glint in her eyes. 


I gulped. 


Mommy save me. 

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