Ghost town lyrics



I should have seen her coming for me.But love was not the thing that  took my life.She took me to her laboratory filled me with her postions 'till i died!It all started so right.Then we put it in a flight.Now were going the wrong way!Attention all passenger's! This is a massacre!But thank you for choosing this flight.And all the...Howling noises  reveal,Just how dame charming this feels!Just how dame charming this feels!LOVE DRUG!LOVE DRUG!Overdose, now I'm wasted!You're love!Is no fun!Chemicals...With no chaser!She picked me up after 2am that night.If only i known her plan.Her agenda wont take me alive!!She's got another thing thats coming!I've got a surprise.If...Only she known my secret.She might think TWICE!!!!She's got another...Thing that's coming!I've got a surprise!If only she known my secret!!She might think TWICE!!! Love...Drug. Love drug.Overdose now I'm wasted.You're love...Is no fun! Chemicals with no chaser!Love drug. Love drug.Overdose now I'm wasted.You're love is no fun!Chemicals...With no chaser!I fell in love in the after life.The blood in my...Body,Drains from you're sight.I've never felt anything...So right.The sound of my skin when I'm marked by her bite...-iiiiiite.You're touch. You're...Touch You're touch,Is bringin' me back to life.Back to life.What kind of drug are you?No more secret's, whispers, or lies.I've been dead this whole time.Love drug! Love drug!Overdose now I'm wasted.You're love...Is no fun.Chemicals with no chaser.Love drug. Love drug.Overdose. Now I'm're love. Is no fun.Chemicals with no chaser.











































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