Good Girls

"I cant."

"Yes you can"

"But what if I get caught?"

"Stop thinking and lets have fun"


1. Me:)

Hey im kaylie and im 18 years old. I am a girl obviously, and  i have dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. My parents are divorced and my older brother nick, is my closest thing  to a dad since my real dad wants nothing to do with me. Im going into my senor year oh high school which will probably be like all the rest boring, long, and just being the invisible person i am. Or so i thought....


Kaylies pov:


"Kaylie get up!" i opened my eyes to see my annoyingly older brother looking at me . "ughhhh why are you waking me up at 7:45 am, what did i ever do to u!!" I rolled on my stomach and felt my brother shaking me again. " Did you forget about school kaylie?" SHIT "Why didn't you wake me up!!!"I said as I jumped out of bed and almost fell on the floor          " Oh, OK yeah i was just shaking you and saying your name because i miss you" he said sarcastically" Haha very funny now if you would please leave i have to get dressed" once he left I quickly, well actually more like fought, to put on some black skinny jeans, after I threw on a green day muscle T and a red and black flannel then i grabbed my black converse brushed my horrible hair applied some mascara and flew down the stairs and out the door. Once i finished walking/running to school i hurried to my class and tried to not draw attention but sadly that was no use," Oh hello Kaylie i see that your 10 min late care to explain?" " She probably was re checking her homework for the 5th time" I turned towards the voice and saw that the person who had said that was no other than the bad boy of the school and the person i hated the most, Luke Hemming s.Luke Hemming s was the bad boy of the school, with his blond hair and blue eyes not to mention the lip piercing he has.This isn't the first time that he's teased me so after the teacher gave me a lecture about being late i scurried back to my seat and sat next to my best friend Allison.Allison is the exact opposite of me, shes outgoing and funny but she gets me so i love her. 



The whole rest of class would have been fine if i hadn't seen Luke staring at me and making me uncomfortable. After class I hurried out of the room saying bye to Allison but before could make it to the door  i felt a hand on my shoulder and  stopped to see who it was. When i turned around i was surprised to see,Luke? "What do you want Luke?" "Besides you in my bed not much" he winked at me and i flinched " i was surprised to see you late today" he said in a mocking tone" yeah well to body's perfect luke" " aren't you supposed to be though?" " what do u rlly want Luke" I was getting tired of his games and just wanted to go home. " I just wanted to say hi to my new neighbor" " what do you mean" " you'll see bye". This boy is the most confusing boy Ive ever met. After the weird thing with Luke i walked home and    couldn't believe what i was seeing.....           

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