Can Terminators feel fear?

Five months since Uncle Bob got a new CPU and T-3000 being returned to his timeline. One quiet night in Florida things come to a abrupt change. Skynet, somehow in the future, locked on where Uncle Bob was and sent a T-850 after him. Oh and Hannah is pregnant. Uncle Bob quickly takes out the T-850. Our story goes on with this one question: How on Earth is Skynet locking on Uncle Bob so often?

Because that is NOT the only Terminator going to be sent after Uncle Bob.

Alternate Universe; if this story isn't as good as the previous you can disregard this story as a canon sequel.

The story begins in 2016.


3. When the night is cold

..January 2nd,2016...

..3:58 AM...

Agent Gibbon's phone is ringing on the table.

What is Vicky calling about now?, Agent Gibbons thought grabbing at the phone.

"Honey," His husband Joseph Stallings turns over. Joseph's hair is all messy. "I thought you turned off the phone."

"Oh, I did," Agent Gibbons said, answering the phone. "What is it now?"

Mr Gibbons and Mr Gibbons, crazy right?

"Who did you tell about my whereabouts?" Uncle Bob's voice came over the phone.

Agent Gibbons's voice becomes hushed.

"I have told no one," Agent  Gibbons said.

"Shortly after new years I took out a T-850," Uncle Bob said. "At night."

"No one saw?" Agent Gibbons asks.

"No," Uncle Bob said.

Agent Gibbons has a short laugh.

"Hey, that means you are still underground," Agent Gibbons said.

"But I exploded a car by accident,"

"Are you going to pay for that?"

"Already have," Uncle Bob said. "And The Sandler's moved down the street after I told them what I was."

Agent Gibbons leans forward.

"You didn't," Agent Gibbons said, in shock.

"I did," Uncle Bob said. "Now they think  I am a mad man."

Agent Gibbons laughs, relieved.

"You did not show them," Agent Gibbons said.

"No," Uncle Bob said. "I told them the future. Even though they may not live to see the Resistance."

"Thank goodness for the stereotype," Agent Gibbons said.

"How is the arm?" Uncle Bob asks.

"Uh, fine," Agent Gibbons said.

"No, how is the arm?" Uncle Bob repeats. "Do you feel a tingling sensation once in a while crawling up your shoulder. A hot stinging pain in your shoulders. Loss of appetite? Unable to hold a cup correctly?"

"...How the hell do you know this?" Agent Gibbons asks, as his husband fell asleep.

Uncle  Bob sighs.

"That is bad news," Uncle Bob said.

"I'm going on a diet,so don't tell me that is bad news," Agent Gibbons said, bitterly.

"In a few months you're going to feel different," Uncle  Bob said. "You are going to converted to a T-3000."

"I can fight it," Agent Gibbons said.

"If you care about those you love; you'll have to do it for them,"  Uncle Bob said. "More than ever."

"Huh?" Agent Gibbons asks, confused.

"You don't have a chip, you may or may not have free will when becoming a T-3000," Uncle Bob adds.

"I thought you cured me," Agent Gibbons said, getting up from the bed turning towards the left.

"That was only a stalling mechanism," Uncle Bob said. "If you want to fight for your own will it will be painful,and it will be hard."

"Life is hard as it is," Agent Gibbons mutters.

"The thing that keeps you grounded is going to be what is your utmost priority outside the FBI job," Uncle Bob adds.

Agent Gibbons goes over to the living room.

His two adopted boys, Henry and David, are sprawled out on the couch sleeping with their consoles in their laps with pillows below their heads. They did not have blankets on their resting figures. The TV is blistering on so Agent Gibbons had to turn the television off using the remote turning the room into pitch black.  He knew his way around the house.

"I have to do it for my boys,"  Agent Gibbons said. "What must I do?"

"Do not kill an innocent person," Uncle Bob said. "Do not kill your family, do not hurt them, and whatever you do: Protect your family from yourself if all things don't turn out the way you want."

"So...if I become a machine...I'll be like that guy," Agent Gibbons said. 

Agent Gibbons recalls the T-3000 grip on his arm leaving that burning sensation and how he was shot in the torso by the very same man. Agent Gibbons could have died right then but he had not under the strangest of all circumstances. The blood had mysteriously disappeared in thin air off his shirt. The bullet miraculous vanished out of his body. But Agent Gibbons knew deep down that bullet is still inside somewhere. 

"That guy was a walking corpse, a reminder of what had been," Uncle Bob said. "You won't be like him."

Agent Gibbons sat down in a chair.

"But  I would be!" Agent Gibbons said, sharply.

"Gibbons," Uncle Bob said, in a grim tone. "Your transformation is unique..."

"Uh,Dad?" Henry said, getting up.  "What is wrong?"

"...How long do I have?" Agent Gibbons asks.

"Years, maybe," Uncle Bob said.

"Give me an exact answer," Agent Gibbons said.

"I can't," Uncle Bob said. "If the pain becomes sharper...Then it will likely be spreading throughout your body and time will be limited by then."

"Dad!" Henry said, coming over. "What is it?"

Agent  Gibbons sighs, looking over to the 13 year Henry from Moscow.

"Tell my kid," Agent Gibbons said.

Agent Gibbons hands the phone to Henry.

"Uh, hello?" Henry said. "Dad," He lowers the phone. "'Who is this?"

"Listen to what my friend Bob has to say," Agent Gibbons said.

Henry puts the phone to his ear and listens.

Henry's facial reaction changes.

After awhile Henry lowers the phone handing it back to Agent Gibbons.

"You are becoming a robot," Henry said. "A...robot...You know how cool that is?"

"You can't tell anyone," Agent Gibbons said. "Not even your friends."

Henry frowns.

"Why?" Henry asks.

"Because you just can't," Agent Gibbons said.

Agent Gibbons looks down towards the phone to see the call had ended.

"But that is no fun," Henry said. "I can't be proud of my dad for becoming a superhero."

Agent Gibbons smiles, faintly.

"I won't be a superhero," Agent Gibbons said. "In fact I won't be the man who took you in."

Henry folds his arms.

"A hero is a hero," Henry said. "Sometimes they go on the dark side for a bit and then come out with morals. They change because of that and who wouldn't be proud of their dad? You are a FBI agent infected with a thing that can aid in missions."

"Do you know what a slave is?" Agent Gibbons asks.

"Yeah,"  Henry said. "I do."

"I'll be a slave to a dangerous machine," Agent Gibbons said. "I'll be connected to it."

Henry unfolds his arms.

"You have a choice, Dad," Henry said. "To connect or not connect, that's how I see it. You can reject becoming a advanced human in exchange for being a awesome father."

"Henry..." Agent Gibbons said. "If I change before you boys and I attempt to cause harm; call this number." Agent Gibbons writes on a piece of napkin using a random pen then slides it forwards right to Henry. "And I want you, with your brother, to get far away as you can from me."

"But that won't happen," Henry said. "You are a pretty tough guy to get through."

"I'll be dead,"  Agent Gibbons said.

This made Henry upset.

"No, you won't," Henry said.

"Yes, I will," Agent Gibbons said.

"No, you won't!"  Henry said. "You and Bill are the only we have. You're gonna fight for yourself; against the change. Because if this profound powerly thing turns you into a slave then there is no use in calling you a superhero but a villain."

"Now you are talking like the cyborg," Agent Gibbons said, with a snicker.

"Promise me," Henry said. "'You'll fight against it."

"I don't know how to fight it," Agent Gibbons admits.

"You know in your heart," Henry said. "You'll know how to fight it when the day comes."

"I promise to fight against it the day it comes,"  Agent Gibbons said.

Henry hugs Agent Gibbons.

"I'mma make sure you keep your word," Henry said. "If it's the last thing we do as a family."

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