Can Terminators feel fear?

Five months since Uncle Bob got a new CPU and T-3000 being returned to his timeline. One quiet night in Florida things come to a abrupt change. Skynet, somehow in the future, locked on where Uncle Bob was and sent a T-850 after him. Oh and Hannah is pregnant. Uncle Bob quickly takes out the T-850. Our story goes on with this one question: How on Earth is Skynet locking on Uncle Bob so often?

Because that is NOT the only Terminator going to be sent after Uncle Bob.

Alternate Universe; if this story isn't as good as the previous you can disregard this story as a canon sequel.

The story begins in 2016.


5. Wet breeches

...January 6th...2016..

...Gas Station...10:48 AM...

"Give me the cash!" Robert Montgomery, a thief, shouts holding a gun at the Gas Station employee.

Uncle Bob is outside filling the tank on his way back to Florida.

The numbers roll and roll and roll  until it came to a stop at $3.60.

Three sixty?, Uncle Bob thought, that is unnatural for the gas price to be down this low at this time of year. Gas usually went down in the summer but never in the beginning of the year as he had learned through research on the internet a couple months ago. Uncle Bob takes out a collection of rolled up cash out of his pocket.

The sticker on the machine read 'pay inside the  gas station'.

Uncle Bob went inside the gas station.

"Give me it!" The thief said, holding a gun at the gas station employee.

Uncle Bob stands behind the thief.

"Can you hurry please?" Uncle Bob asks. "I have gas to pay."

The thief turns around aiming the gun at Uncle Bob.

The discreetness in the thief's eyes turn into fear from a coward. He steps back lowering his gun and his mouth fell wide open staring back at Uncle Bob. The thief drops the gun letting it land on the floor in front of his feet. Uncle Bob's attention is caught looking down then he raises a brow and looks back up towards the thief appearing to be confused.

"Your breeches are wet," Uncle Bob said.

The gas station employee ducks behind the counter.

"Oh my god; you're that serial killer!" The would be thief shouts taking small steps back.

"No, I am not," Uncle Bob said. "I have been terminating other Terminators but not a serial killer."

"T--T-T-Terminators?" The thief squeaks.

"Do me a favor and step aside," Uncle Bob said.

"B---b--B--" The thief said, as Uncle Bob held up his index finger up silencing the man.

"Step side or I will twist your arm off," Uncle Bob said, not taking a annoying human lightly.

The thief steps aside.

"Now  kick the gun away," Uncle Bob said.

"With a stick?" The thief asks. "You are joking."

Uncle Bob frowns.

"I do not joke with people like you," Uncle Bob said. "Now tell me; what is my name."

"Uh...Uh....Uh...Mi!" The thief said, snapping his fingers.

"Wrong," Uncle Bob said. "I am Bob."

The next we see the thief be falling out of a window landing on his side among the shattered glass. The thief scrambles up on his two feet then gets on a red motorcycle parked in front of the door and speeds away in the opposite direction on the road. Uncle Bob came out a few minutes later whistling quite well.

Uncle Bob opens the car door then gets into the car after unhooking the long tube like device from the gas tank and hooks it into the machine it had been inside earlier. The gas station employee looks through the window appearing to be frightened  while other customers just stare at Uncle Bob in a loss of words. In the passenger seat we see there is a blanket covering a small child like figure on the floor.

We can only tell by the hands, legs,and shoulders.

We can't see the face through the dark blanket. 

Uncle Bob drives away from the gas station.

A silver motorcyclist with a helmet that has dark glass blocking view. Uncle Bob's radar indicates this is a Terminator being a female model T-892. Uncle Bob rolls an eye taking out a long canister shaped device from the bag in the side passenger seat. Uncle Bob tugs it open then tosses it over his shoulder where it flies striking through the glass to the helmet into the face. There is a rather large explosion shattering the series 892 into pieces. Uncle Bob turns around then drives over the T-892 numerous times to make sure she is absolutely dead and unable to be reused later as spare parts.

Sure Skynet is taking time to be created and will be prepared in two some years to initiate Judgement Day.

John's very existence is tied to Judgement Day happening at all!

"Uh, Uncle Bob, I am pretty sure she is dead," Came John's voice.

Uncle Bob looks over, in sheer surprise, to see John Connor in the backseat chewing on bubble gum.

"John!" Uncle Bob said. "You are not suppose to be here!"

"Relax, I told my mom," John said.

"How long have you been hiding under the blanket?" John asks.

"A couple days," John said. "I brought snacks!"

Uncle Bob took at least one more run over of the Terminator and then continued on his way down the road.

"I cannot believe you did that," Uncle Bob said.

"Hey, I had more fun!" John said. "Before school starts, again."

"And you are not going to be using me as an excuse to get out of school,"  Uncle Bob said.

A horrified look grew on John's face.

"Until when?" John asks.

"Until the day I say otherwise," Uncle Bob said.

Specifically; June 1st, 2018.

John sighs.

"Aww," John whines. "That is unfair."

"You have a lot to learn what is fair and what is not fair as a leader," Uncle Bob said.

John sighs.

"Well, having to be in school does get leadership points," John said. "What is the future like, again?"

"Human Killers are out at night, T-600's serve the same purpose except with rubber skin," Uncle Bob said. "And humans are rather skilled sewing."

"You never mentioned sewing before," John said.

"And there are gadgets made to create fabric without the use of machines," Uncle Bob continues.

"Even when thrown back into the stone age?"John asks.

"Yes," Uncle  Bob said. "Humans find ways to sanitize their food, dink, and live given their present situation."

"What do Human Killers look like?" John asks.

"They are flying minute versions of the Enterprise with side bar parts, a shooting blaster below, and very silver," Uncle Bob said. "You'll come across them in the future shortly after Judgement Day."

John's eyes grew alert.

"But I thought we prevented Judgement Day," John said.

"John, in order for you to exist; Judgement Day must happen," Uncle Bob said. "Or else you will be a paradox and fade from existence because you do not have a father to sire you."

John sighs.

"Right," John said. "What about those other Terminators you've been getting rid of?"

"Skynet must not be made by a different beginning," Uncle Bob said. "There is only one beginning for  Skynet."

"Did I tell you that?" John asks.

Uncle Bob pauses driving.

"No," Uncle Bob said.

"Ah, so someone else gave you orders!" John said. John leans his forearms on the second passenger seat leaning himself forwards gaining a amused facial expression.  "I ain't the only order giver around the future."

"It wasn't exactly an order," Uncle Bob said. "Now that I recall...It was a reminder."

John raises a brow.

"Who?" John asks.

"I...I don't remember," Uncle Bob said.

John frowns, lowering his brow.

"How can you not remember?" John asks.

"The memory was deleted," Uncle Bob said.

A skeptical look replaces the frown.

"But yet you remember it," John said.

"I do not have a ID on the one who gave the reminder to me," Uncle Bob said.

John leans back against the seat folding his arms.

"So, in the future, someone gets to your model before I and leaves a reminder," John said.  "Long before I get to you and somehow, with a miracle worker, picked a T-800---One I would later choose to be sent into the past--then activated you briefly and then cleaned up their tracks."

"Yes," Uncle Bob said.

John puts his hands on the seat leaning forwards.

"What if someone is fixing the timeline without being seen?"  John asks.

"We did see one doing exactly that three years ago," Uncle Bob said.

John tilts his head to the side.

"What?" John asks, confused.

"That was your mother,John," Uncle Bob said.

John straightens his head and a 'no, that is not possible' expression grew on his face.

"No, she wasn't!" John said.

"Yes, she was," Uncle Bob said. "That woman...looked different from our Sarah because she is from a different timeline."

"Right," John said. "So that means her hair is different."

"Yes," Uncle Bob said. "I might have a old counterpart with white hair instead of red."

"Red hair equals white hair?" John repeats, so out of context.

"Santa Clause had red hair in his youth," Uncle Bob said. "As he grew older, instead of his hair turning gray,his hair turned white. Santa Clause originally didn't have the appearance you are familiar to in the beginning of the Christmas Tradition. He was just a ordinary colored lanky man."

"Maybe there is another you making sure the timeline is corrected," John said.

Uncle Bob recalls the conversation he had shared with T-3000.

"I destroyed the timeline!" T-3000 had said.

It made perfect sense.

"I fought my mother and my father and her aged guardian in cyberdyne systems..." T-3000 had said.

Sarah Connor, Kyle Reese, and another T-800 are fixing the timeline!

"There's only one of me," Uncle Bob said. "My chip is irreplaceable."

"I meant by a another T-800," John explains.

"That is a possibility," Uncle Bob said.

"Gee," John said. "My mom's counterpart looked hot."

"John, buckle your seatbelt," Uncle Bob said.

John buckles his seatbelt taking out a package M&M's of a bag he had.

"There and done,"  John said.

"How have you been keeping hygiene?" Uncle Bob asks.

"I haven't," John said. "But I have been using bathrooms to relieve in."

"John, when I stop at a hotel you are taking a shower," Uncle Bob said.

Uncle Bob speeds fast down the road.

"Woah there!" John said. "That's too fast, man!"

"Fast enough to find the nearest  hotel," Uncle Bob said. "Tell me you brought a stash of clothes."

"No," John said. "I thought this was going to be a one day trip and did not expect myself to eat that much."

Uncle Bob speeds even faster, quickly dodging any vehicles in the way with such efficiency that someone would have mistook Uncle Bob as a professional racer. But for a fact Uncle Bob is a bit of a pro to racing. Uncle Bob has taken  part in  some underground racing not only on the gaming console but on the streets of Georgia during Saturday and Sunday at night. Uncle Bob  witnessed other humans cheat during the race by taking outrageous impending short cuts. The thrill of racing was the point of this game!

Not cheating, besides, cheating made the game lose its value.

"This isn't a race, dumbass!" A man in a red roofless truck shouts.

Uncle Bob wanted to give the finger at the driver but that would be unwise with John in the car. Uncle Bob had to be really careful driving fast and/or provoking someone else while driving past the speed limit. He had a bluetooth connected to his ear similar to a hearing aid except it is not and it is very adjusted to his ear. Speaking of ears; ears do grow during an average person's lifetime.  Believe it or not they do. During childhood, ears are like rocket launchers but over the years these ears become not so obvious because the hair blocks view of them. 

Uncle  Bob can also tell age by ears because ears continue to grow along with the body such as the nose.

Uncle Bob turns the station to a country station.

"I love Rock N' Roll," The song came out of the radio.  "Cause it soothes the soul!"

Uncle Bob taps on the wheel.

"Hey, that's a rock song," John said.

"No,  it is country," Uncle Bob said.

John sighs, knowing it useless to argue with a Cyborg.

"Rock," John said. "I am surprised you're interested in songs like that."

"I am not," Uncle Bob said. "Country is rather more...different. I can listen to it."

"Like the songs these days where the lyrics are repeated for five minutes?" John suggests.

"No," Uncle Bob said. "Not at all," His eye catches the glimpse of a store and a hotel across. "John, don't leave the car."

Uncle  Bob parks in the disabled parking lot then he takes out a item then puts it on the hook to the review mirror.

"....Uncle Bob, how often do you use a fake disabled parking ticket?" John asks.

"All the time," Uncle  Bob said, unbuckling himself.

Uncle Bob opens the driver's side door.

"Ah come on, that is not being honest," John said, as Uncle  Bob gets up.

"Relax," Uncle Bob said, turning towards John with a genuine smile. "I am leaving the car running with air conditioning on."

"Not helping," John said.

Uncle Bob shuts the door then goes into the store.

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